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Hey, happy fathers day.

Started by chaplain220, June 17, 2007, 09:32:24 PM

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"I can't believe you've got kids!"  How many times have I heard that :err:!!?  But my kids are gonna grow up and know how to live, not just exist.  They will experience the family of racers, the adventure and teamwork of real competition.  They will know how to face failure with grace, and use it as a stepping stone for success.  They will learn humility through the cost and determination required for victory, and they will learn friendship and caring for those who will grid on their left and their right.  All in all, I can't think of too many places that are better for my kids to experience, than bein at the track, and I'm glad to see yer families there as well.  Happy Fathers Day, Art.



Someone at work recently asked me when did I first realize how I came to exist.  When did I first realize my parents had sex?  My response was, "MY PARENTS HAD SEX?!!"  Ewwww
Never interrupt your opponent while he's making a mistake.


my teenagers say the same thing