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Since we are in one more time mode.....

Started by PaulV, June 12, 2007, 10:37:42 PM

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How about selecting your fav here.....



I know, I know...but since its radical replay season....... I was hoping for just a little levity...or possibly a new/old team look for 08...:)

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omg people actualy bought those!!! haha wow. throwbacks!!! hah I might jsut want to buy one hah
2007 R6!!!!!  BAMF Riders!!!


Decisions, decisions, them's some sexy bitches!

All of the above!
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as gay as it might sound, that hot pink one looks pretty cool. i'd wear it. those are cool.
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Too flashy for my taste....but the safety features sound great.

Burt Munro

The matching gloves and boots just made me 'very excited.' 

:ahhh: Good thing they have elasticity in 'key areas.'
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Didn't Brian Lacey used to race in the white and pink one?  No, seriously.
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  Malcolm Tunstall wore something like that at the daytona AHRMA a couple of years ago i've never seen him since


Quote from: Ducmarc on June 13, 2007, 11:03:00 PM
  Malcolm Tunstall wore something like that at the daytona AHRMA a couple of years ago i've never seen him since
Gay rights activists got a hold of them, put them up on gay bashing charges


I've been to malcolm's shop not so sure he's not a member.just kidding. I think. but he is a cool guy.