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Started by HBS Racing, May 30, 2007, 01:57:57 PM

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HBS Racing


Guys, I have been getting a lot of requests for me to make some Turkey Jerky again. I've made it on request in the past for a few people and it has always gone over GREAT! So, with that being said, its Turkey Jerky Time again!!! But just like those commercials on tv say....Limited time only, quantities are limited, all your friends are buying it, and if you act right now...etc etc. I'm only going to offer this for one week...if that! Its not on my website for order either, so you have to just paypal in the cashola.

Its $30 a lb shipped for the Caviar of Jerky, Hillbilly Steaks Turkey Jerky!

paypal eanderson24@triad.rr.com subject line...turkey my jerky

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HBS came and cooked up some ribs down at deals gap last summer for a group of 20 some odd folks.
if you haven't had HBS stuff, you are missing out on some good fixens.
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HBS Racing

I've posted this thread on a few different forums and everyone seems to be a little skeptical about "Turkey Jerky"

Once they get it though, they won't be.  The stuff is FANTASTIC!!!