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Need your help at the USGP! Proposing marriage to my gf!

Started by OmniGLH, May 24, 2007, 02:50:44 PM

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Alright I'm hoping there's a few folks here who are planning to go to MotoGP at Laguna this year.

I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend there.  I've taken out a full page ad in the event program, going to do a "where's Waldo?" kind of thing.  Still working out the exact details on the content of the ad, but I'll basically offer some sort of prize for the first person in the crowd to find the two of us together and show her the ad (it'll have a pic or two of us, maybe a few nice things said, and "Will you marry me?" in it.)  The PR people at the track said they'd help with PA announcements and stuff to get the word out at the track.

I'm still worried though that no one will actually spot us or walk up to us.  So I need a "plant" or two, just to guarantee that it happens.

Any volunteers?
Jim "Porcelain" Ptak


Hope your girlfriend doesn't ever read this forum or the cat is out of the bag :banghead:


Nah no chance  :)

I've been dropping hints that it won't be happening until late August/early September to throw her off the trail (with her best friend in on it, "leaking" false information) and she doesn't know about this board anyways.
Jim "Porcelain" Ptak


Excellent idea! Better than mine. "Hey wanna get married or something?"


Quote from: Gixxerblade on May 24, 2007, 06:14:23 PM
Excellent idea! Better than mine. "Hey wanna get married or something?"
Hey...that's a pretty good line!  LOL
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When I was dumb enough to pop the question I put her ring in a bag of cracker jacks.  The only thing that makes it funnier is the ring is fake!  :biggrin:


WHATUP Ptak?!!!
I will be there & looking for you. I don't think I've ever seen your gal, though. Why don't you send me some pics? Naked ones preferably. Kidding of course. Congrats! How's the shoulder?

Court Jester

here's an idea...


Get as far away from the female as humanly possible before she sucks the will to live from you soul.

if not then i guess i wish you both the best.

I still say try running. it's easy to ditch a chick in a crowd. i've done it.

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make sure YOU have the pit passes before you take off. Security will then assist you in your attemp for soul saving freedom.

Good luck Jim.


Todd... Todd....   *racking brain*.... 

High Speed Assault?  St. Louis?  Am I thinking of the right guy?  If it is then holy shit it's been awhile - what's up with you guys?

I've got some pics of her (a few from the other night are below) but pretty much all of my pics are of her all dressed up.  My bet is that she'll be in shorts, t-shirt, glasses, and baseball cap at the race so you'll probably be better off looking for me (though I *am* gonna try like hell to get some candid casual pictures of her between now and then too just to try to help you find us.)  I figure I'll also plan out what I'm gonna wear for the weekend and tip you off as well (I'm getting the word out on a few local boards out here as well.)  Probably wear a Woodfield Motorsports or Kingpin Racing T-shirt so I'm unique and easier to spot.

As for running... LOL... no way dudes!  Not letting this one go.  Not only does she love my bike and love riding with me... but she rides herself, wants to try out trackdays, and is actually pushing me to get back into racing!  Not to mention she cooks, she makes me laugh... I'll spare everyone all the mushy stuff, and just say that she is the shiz-nit.

Here's a few we took the other night, and one older one I took with my cell phone with her wearing her glasses.  I've also got a few more pics up on my MySpace page (I know... MySpace... lame...)  at

Jim "Porcelain" Ptak


WOW!!!!!!!!!Hoochie Mama!!Holy Shit!! The hell wichu, I'll be trying to seperate you 2 for my own benefit.
Yeah, St. Louis...High Speed Assault....Nolan..Diver...etc. It has been a while.
As it gets closer, we can set a place & time to "bump into" one another. I can come up & say "holy shit. Is that you Ptak? There's a picture of you in this magazine. Check it out". or something. If nothing else, we'll have to get together for dinner.
Ring me up sometime. or 314.220.9000.
How's Dan & the gang?