Streeter to Racer

Started by GRN_MACH, February 08, 2003, 07:49:13 AM

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How much of an ordeal would it be to convert my 01 6r streeter to a race ready machine? Plan on keeping everything engine wise stock, rather do suspension first before more hp. You know, learn to make use of the power it already has instead of having power I can't touch ;)


It's usually alot cheaper to just buy a used racer.  But if you just want to do the suspension, brakes, rearsets, bodywork, exhaust, re-map (or re-jet) sprocket,etc.  You actually could save a little cash.

It shouldn't be too much of a pain to do the transformation.  Do you have any specific questions about the transformation?


yeah 1 that I have been pondering on is the tach. Everthing is connected to one boot, lights, speedo, tach, etc. how much of a task is it hooking up an aftermarket tach. 2 what do have to do about the the side stand censor, it kill the motor if the is left down and the clutch engagded. it seems that once removed the stand would always read up, but I was told different. ???


1. The tach...Just use the stock one.  Anything else that's in that loom that you don't need...SNIP!

2.  The side stand sensor...Not too sure what they're like on the Kawis, but I would just creatively use zip-ties to fool the sensor into thinking that the kickstand is ALWAYS UP.  But I think that if you just remove the stand, it will always think that the stand is in the UP position.


Typically you just need to solder the two wires together to defeat the side-stand switch.  It's easy enough to check, disconnect it and see if the bike works ok.  If not, short the two wires together and try again.  All bikes that I have seen so far need the two wires connected to make the bike think the stand is up.

Also, bare minimum to turn a street bike into a race bike is bodywork, safety wire and case covers.  Beyond that there are a lot of nice things to have but they aren't really required.  I wouldn't recomment doing anything to the electrical system because clipping the harness won't really gain you too much but it will make it a pain to put back into street trim if you ever need to.



Cut the 2 wires that go to the switch.  Connect them together.  This will fool the ignition into thinking that the stand is always "up".

Remove the switch altogether, it's dead weight. ;D


tahnx guys, now, know where i can get a deal on some bodywork? I'm just going to get the body work, brackets if needed, tape the speedo and wire it then head for the track. I'll add damper, rearsets, clip-ons, fork sprinds and rear shock along the way thur the season after that I'll worry about performance mods (M4, Ivans, sprockets ,etc.)


where will ya be racing greenman.

Im doing the same thing.  


I'm planning on get my lisence with wera and ccs and race at their VIR event, hopefully all of them. Maybe next year race Mid-Atlantic or SE region with one or the other. How far along are you on yours and what is it?