New Round added to ASRA schedule: VIR North Course

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Started by Sleeping Psycho, May 14, 2007, 11:32:02 AM

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Sleeping Psycho

Nothing weird or diabolical going on, and yes that was me doing the survey. Thank you everyone who helped out with the surveys. Now, I just need your help in getting them back.

If you did not recognize me it is probably because I am a track day guy. Last year I had a long pony tail, and so my clean look may have thrown a few people off. I know Butch, Ike, and the Lithium guys were a bit started by my more respectable look. For point of reference, I am familiar to the NESBA and STT people as well as the Safety First people

Thank you everyone for helping out and taking the survey. I hope you can appreciate that to protect the accuracy and integrity of the survey, I could not broadcast all aspects of the survey before you took it. Notice I also refrained from volunteering to complete the survey for you. If anyone asked me a question about the survey or who I was, I answered honestly and accurately. I just refrained from providing too much detail until after you completed the survey. To do otherwise would inpinge credibility and defeat the pupose.

Hope this clears things up. For those that still have their surveys, and were spooked about the signature line that said " I declare under penalty of perjury....," I apologize. You can just scratch out "under penalty of perjury" and sign it. I'm a lawyer, and sometimes we use boilerplate language.

Please fax the completed surveys back to me or scan / email them back to:

847-491-9801 or

And yes, I am a Pit Bull guy, and I promise, no more surveys on race weekends. Track days only.