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Running from cops?

Started by dicatirider944, May 13, 2007, 04:10:58 PM

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I was on a different forum that is directed at racing and riding a certain type of bike and they had started a thread about "running from the man"  I was a little shocked by this thread.  I just don't see the point of this thread as being cool.  If you opion is to run or stop for a cop is up to you.  But doesn't all these people telling stories about how they ran and got away with it in good forum?  So we should encourage people that have just got in to this sport and reading forums to get info on racing to be breaking laws?  I was just wondering what other racers would think of this?


Running is stupid...

They have radios to broadcast the description of your bike or plate all over the airwaves.  If you do get away, what perils do you put yourself or others in?  A bike can be lethal to more than just it's driver.

If you've done something to get the ol' red and blues behind you, do the right thing and pull over.

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I remember years ago hearing about guys that would go out on the weekends and try to get in a chase so they could out run the cops. Then it was in cars but the point is, it's not bikers, it's people with nothing better to do and the modern sport bike is just a better tool these days.
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Once you've seen the aftermath of a bike hitting a car a 100mph, you'll think twice about speeding, much less running.  I think that's just one more part of the equation that got me off the road years ago.
The frame was snapped, the #3 rod was dangling from a hole in the cases, and what was left had been consumed by fire.  I said, "Hey, we've got all night!"


           Thinning of the herd. I could not care less what they do. What DOES bother me is when one of them crashes/dies or mames somebody else,  then they want pity or sympathy. Pretty weird.   

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Who ever knowingly runs from a cop deserves any and everthing that happens to them and also are responsible for anyone else who happens to get hurt or killed.
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Court Jester

i've out ran a slew of them. but getting busted one time cooled my jets for sure. and i got lucky.
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The last time I was pulled over on a bike, the deputy had me clocked at significantly more than 70 in a 55.  He was going the other direction on a 2 lane road, but I saw him hit the cherries in my mirror and I pulled over, knowing full well that I could've have been out of sight and gone in any of 4 directions in 5 seconds flat.  I had the bike parked with my helmet off and wallet out by the time he got his squad turned around and caught up.

The officer gave me a verbal warning to slow it down a little after he ran my license and found it to be clean.  As he walked back to the squad, he said "Thanks for pulling over, I'd have never caught up to you"  This particular deputy was the former sherriff but lost the last election.  He had no reason to let me off the hook other than the fact that I did the right thing and stopped.

Show some respect, and you might just get it returned.
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Woofentino Pugrossi

Quote from: Ridgeway on May 13, 2007, 10:19:33 PMShow some respect, and you might just get it returned.

+1 Got let off with what amounted to a verbal warnign by a state trooper. 90 in a 65 on my fzr600. Seen him coming the other way and he hit the lights, I pulle don teh shoulder before he even got turned around to get to the other side of the interstate. Looked at my license for a few sec and handed it back, told me to slow down and sent me on my way.
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Quote from: Ridgeway on May 13, 2007, 10:19:33 PM

Show some respect, and you might just get it returned.
I'm glad to see some of these post that agreed with what I do.  I kinda went of the deep end on this other forum.  It just pisses me off becuase we are all judged by what others do on bikes.  Motorcycle riders are a small community.  We are all grouped in the same catagory regardless of what we do.  If some one is driving down the highway and sees rider A on a bike going by at 150 mph with cherries flying in the background they will instantly say f***ing punk.  Now if they see rider B on a bike going down the road at close to the posted speed limit, using turn signals, and wearing gear they won't give it a second thought or even remember it.  They will with out a doubt remember rider A.


Brad, good thread.  I long ago gave up conventional pursuit of bikes even though we still are allowed to pursue in Maryland, usually its a young guy with lots of good potential, but is making a stupid choice in running, cause anyone can go fast in a straight line, add grandma in the sedan, the adrenalin rush of havin the cops on yer tail, and a couple curves, and that life with so much potential is gone.  During the off race weekends I will usually meet up with quite a few streetriders, wow em with some race stories,(they don't know I'm slow), and try to leave em with a little wisdom, to include: get some real gear, dont run from the cops, and take it to the track.  I did however pursue one beautiful yellow GSXR a couple years back, a real bad guy we knew was running a lot of drugs into the community, I was doin okay out on the highway with em, but he took a long sweeper and jumped on a back road.  I could still see him as he cut in and out of traffic, getting real far ahead of me, but I knew something he didn't know, 90degree left hander ahead...stinks to be a bad guy who can't trailbrake! 8).   


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