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R6 MS-100 Quick Shifter Premier Plug-n-Play kits are HERE!

Started by APKdevelopments, May 11, 2007, 04:42:19 PM

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Hello everyone,

Many of you have heard of these being in development, as we have offered a universal kit in the past, well I am pleased to introduce our Premier Plug-n-Play kits.

For the R6 03-05, R6S 06-07
Priced at $449
APK Developments Online Store

The revolutionary MS-100 Quick Shifter, with it's exclusive digital closed loop technology, gives you the optimum shift through the full throttle range, under changing conditions, making all other quick shifters obsolete. The MS-100 allows the rider to make the fastest, smoothest up shifts without use of the clutch, or rolling off the throttle. The hassle of adjusting kill times are gone, as the engine interrupt is automatically adjusted during each shift, so no time is wasted. This technology makes the MS-100 ideal for race track or street use, as it is always adapting to provide the optimum shift, each time.

Installation of the Premier Plug-n-Play kit is simple. OEM connectors plug right into your bikes existing harness, so no splicing or cutting is required. The linear sensor simply bolts on with the CNC machined brackets. Setting up the MS-100 is the easiest ever, taking just seconds. The system also features a "Kill Safety", which prevents the engine from turning off completely if the shift lever is bumped and the ECU doesn't detect a completed shift. Also, a clutch interface inhibits operation, to allow you to shift into neutral without the engine turning off. The Premier Plug-n-Play kit gives you an unbeatable combination of easy installation, a high quality system, and exclusive digital closed loop technology, all at a competitive price.

Thank you,
Alex Kalempa
APK Developments

Super Dave

Your link doesn't work.

And a question.

How does it work with a TRE on a Suzuki?
Super Dave


Here is the fixed link

APK Developments Online Store

The system pictured is specific to the R6 03-05, R6S 06-07. Kits for other bikes are in development, but a TRE on a Suzuki won't affect it.



Looking for your views of this product. What do you think?


Super Dave

I like the idea.  Seems like you have a simple, straight forward product. 

I've never had one on any of my bikes in all these years.  I'm spooked by electrical garb, and the cost I'd have to equate to better lap times.  Those things are keeping me from moving.
Super Dave


Thanks Dave,

No need to be spooked by the electrical, it just plugs right in. The technology in the kit is high level, but is engineered for a simple interface.



Hello Everyone,

Well the race season is here! Money is tight! To help you out, I am offering introductory pricing on the Premier Plug-n-Play Quick Shifter kits.

Until further notice, the R6 quick shifter kit will be introductory priced at $381  :biggrin: This is a savings of almost $70! A steal for such a system!


  • Smooth, clutchless up shifts through full throttle range
  • Digital closed loop operation for the fastest shifts
  • Much safer for your gearbox
  • Easy setup in under a minute
  • No kill times to adjust!
  • Automatically adjusts the interrupt for each shift, providing the optimum shift on the street or race track
  • Simple plug-in, bolt-on installation
  • Compact design

For the R6 03-05, R6S 06-07
Introductory priced at $381 ($449 Regular)
For more information, click here

A couple more install pics.

Alex Kalempa



Thank you!

P.S. Plug-n-Play kits for GSXR's come out in a couple weeks!


Curious if this will work with kit box and harness for an 04 r6. Thanks for the info.
Mike Roeser