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New blue

Started by Fast4fun, May 08, 2007, 11:45:39 PM

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The Cycle world cover this month has a retro looking bike called 'new blue.'  I absolutely love that bike but can't afford the $50k. I can manage to get a 1000ss ducati and start the transformation if only I knew where to get the universal fairing etc.... Any ideas on where to source some of the parts? Does anybody have experience with some of the older bikes and where to get retro looking parts for a new bike? I'm opening a personal can of worms but am on a mission.
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The way your post is written it sounds like you don't know about the Paul Smart replica or the Sport Classic Sport 1000S that Ducati already makes. The New Blue is just a high perfermance version of those bikes.
The Paul Smart was only made in 2006 and comes stock with Ohlins Suspension
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The Paul Smart (or Sport Classic Sport 1000) are great bikes...and when set up right make an awsome
track weapon.

just check out the results of the GST class in the Moto-ST Series...especially the 8 hrs of Daytona Oct 2006.

The Paul Smart took 1st (Ducati Toronto) and 3rd (Ducati NY)
FYI: it's listed incorrectly on the results page as a multistrada for the Toronto team and sport classic for the NY team

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if you don't want the paul smart[ which is what i would get] air tech makes retro fairings and tanks you can also call chris boy at moto corse performance 954 608 0350 he's real sharp on them and a good racer marc