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Started by Reckless_Kelly, May 05, 2007, 05:27:25 PM

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Hello, kinda new here, and gonna try to start racing this year.

I'm building a Ducati Supersport for racing. The frame is from my 1992 750ss, but the motor I have is from a 1999 900ss (FI bike). I want to run the FI, but section 6.1.2A staes that :
A. Original equipment wheels, brake calipers, forks, frame, engine, fuel
induction system, and swing arm must be used.
The frame between a 750ss and 900ss is identical, so I was hoping that I would be able to classify the bike as a 900ss. I would also like to use the forks from the '99 900ss (43mm adj. vs. 41mm non-adj.) howecer I refer back to 6.1.2A.

The next question is in regards to 6.1.F-G. If the bike is able to be classified as a '92 900ss (as there were no internal differences between '92 and '99 900cc motors except for the charging sytem) would I be able to run the FI, or would I need to convert the motor to carbs?

Basically my question is where would my bike fall if it were a 1992 900ss with fuel injection and updated forks?

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Frame sticker says 750SS so for all intent reasons thats what model the bike is. THats what tech will go by if you get protested. Cant run super stock with that setup you listed due to non original motor, induction and forks. Not exactly sure if that setup is even superbike legal.

YOu could run GT, Grand Prix and Supertwins races fine (from my interpretations of teh rule book)
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There is no frame sticker, the frame was replaced under warranty by Ducati due to the cracks around the steering head. Based on that info, would it be classified as a 2003 model, because that's when the frame was actually built :thumb:. I can run a carb setup with the 39mm Keihins I have from the 750 motor. The most important question here is whether making it a stock 900ss will alter the classification. Either bike '92 750ss or '99 900ss will fit into the Lightwieght Supersport class, and the 750 would be Ultra-Lightwieght Superbike whereas the 900ss would be in Lightwieght Superbike. The rules for Superbike do not specify that OEM frame, wheels, engine, induction, brakes, etc must be used. It simply states that the frame and engine cases must be from a production, street use motorcycle, 6.2.1A.

So far, it seems that I wouldn't have a problem in Lightwieght Superbike, but I still need some clarification as to what the bike would be considered (1992 750ss, 1992 900ss, or a 1999 900ss). There "should" be no problem with calling it a 1992 900ss, especially if I keep the original 41mm forks on the bike, as they were the same forks found on the 900ss CR of that time period.


I would think your frame would be considered the year which you have a title other than in supersport no is going to protest you. I'm not sure that theres a rule on changing forks except in supersport. Infact not to many racers I race with haven't changed their forks. You'll be safe in GTL lightweight 40, thunderbike, and lightweight GP. Lightweight GP and lightweight 40 is about the only two classes you'll be competived in since the duel spark 1000 is legal in all those classes and the 748 is legal in thunderbike. I've run a 900 in these classes for a couple of years it is really outdated compared to the 1000.