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Need Ticket Help...Any Police Officers Here?

Started by PolishPete, April 21, 2007, 07:59:00 PM

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This Repsol is way to flashy I guess. 4 yrs on my R6 and never been pulled over, one month on the Repsol and twice now. First time the officer basically told me he just wanted to see the bike, warning for speeding (I was with traffic, picked me out). Now I got pulled over for my plate. Its placed like many you see, under the battery tray. I think perfectly visible, but not for him. The officer was nice, and I was nicer, however he wrote me a ticket, said it won't go on my record, send in the envelope for court supervision. Been through it before.

Now my question is...why is this a moving violation? Shouldn't it be a fix-it ticket? I need to pay for driving school now when I wasn't driving poorly. I don't mind the ticket, or supervision, but the driving school time and money I need to waste is what makes me mad. The ticket had nothing to do with my riding. I'm one of the calmest, following the law riders out there, and I need driving school for this kind of ticket? Please help.

If it helps, ticket in Will County, IL, Plainfield to be exact. Violation is "unable to see registration/modded display of registration".

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It may appear to them that you are trying to hide your plate from their view. One thing that I really dont understand is WHY anyone thinks that they have to "clean up" the rear by removing/relocating/smaller signals and relocating the plate. Not even gonna go into those integrated taillight/signal garbage. Its hard ENOUGH to see STOCK signals on most new bikes and then they make it HARDER when they use those integrated ones. Hate to tell ya guys, its not easy to tell which direction someone with those are turning from a distance that you could tell if they still had stock ones.

Most if not all state DMV regs require the plate to be at the BACK of the bike (which also brings up why are the verticle plates mounted to the axles legal?).
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Cool bike Pete. Problem is that your plate is not vertical nor is it able to be read properly at that angle.

And yeah, we are moving targets for everyone on our 2 wheeled wonders, yours has a very cool "arrest me" paint job that will attract attention of law enforcement. (Hey, in some of those small towns it's a sport, ya know?)

Put your plate where it can be read. Not sure? Get in a car, look at the back of your bike, and make sure it's very visible. Then practice your best "Yes officer, I understand, officer" voice.  :biggrin:
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That's a little screwed up that you are required to go to driving school.
How you handle it depends on how ballsy you are I guess. If you really wanted to push it you could move your plate so that it's more visible, take a picture, and set a meeting with the prosecuting attorney. Tell him that it's plainly visible and you think the cop's full of shit and ask him to reduce it or drop it. For something so minor I would say they'd be more inclined to drop it rather than fight it.
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Don't even think of taking a picture representing your plate possitioning. Most patrol cars have dash cams now and you could be in for a big fall. Not a smart idea.

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Its not a moving violation,  pay the fine and move your plate where it can be read and youll never be "picked out to see the bike again"


And you dont have to go to driving school for a non moving violation in IL


Quote from: jeremy271 on April 22, 2007, 01:27:26 PM
Its not a moving violation,  pay the fine and move your plate where it can be read and youll never be "picked out to see the bike again"

+ 1

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I think you answered your own were pulled over in Plainfield.  I can't knock 'em since I service their Atv's.  By your pic though, I can't see your plate either, it's too low.  The real reason people put them there is because of the wheelies, they don't bend 'em.  Oh yeah, what are you doing riding the street anyway...put that bike where it belongs, on the TRACK!   :thumb:

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Pete, very cool bike, and like the rest of us who still risk the street you have encountered our little problem...we want to be legal, but the taillight/tag holder that comes stock with the bike completely destroys the lines of the bike.  If ya can keep yer cool, bring your ticket to court and take pics of the tag as it is from left, right and straight on from the rear.  Most states have the wording in the law to mount the tag in the rear most position possible, if your bike, like mine, has the undertail, then the rearmost position is right where you put her.  Please dont think I'm trying to bash my fellow boyz n blue, but I also am tired of seeing good guys being treated like second class citizens cause they ride bikes.  And as has already been said, dont risk lying for a quick fix, cause the local law will remember for next time, and your integrity is worth more than $40 bucks.  Art.  (hey,wheres the scratches and road rash on the leathers???)


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