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Update on me

Started by dicatirider944, April 21, 2007, 11:12:44 AM

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It has been a long time since I have had time to get on this website and post.  Just wanted to give people a heads up on how I am doing.  I had a bad accident at HPT last June 15th of 06' in turn 5.  I'm Brad Neff or former AM #121.  I just had an extensive surgury on my shoulder by a specialest at University of Iowa hospital.  It sounds like I will get back about 90-95% use of my left shoulder.  It sounds promising at this point besides the pain I am currently in.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that donated to the wegman fund in my name last year and the wegman fund its self.  With out the help that I got I don't know if I would have been able to keep my business running.  I won't be able to work for the next few months so I will be on the site to kill some time.


Heal up quick! Glad to hear you are making progress. Just so you know, hanging out here may stunt your growth and cause hair to grow on the bottom of your feet.  :ahhh: :biggrin:
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Brad, you were lucky and had no head/brain injuries in your crash but this place can do careful, very careful.


90-95 %  I call that sucess- good deal :thumb:john


Glad to hear your doing well.  I was at HPT that day and its really good to see you on the board.  Take care!
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Donate today!


 Congrats on the successful surgery! Welcome back.

Keep on giving folks. The RFF is standing by for one and all in such cases. Buy a patch, buy a shirt, invest in what's possibly your future healthcare!   :preachon:

Alright then, on with the racing... :biggrin:   


Brad, the public's response when I started asking for help here through the wegman was overwhelming and really helped my decision to work with Gordy to carry on the fund in some capacity when he retired it.

If you still have needs from this event, let us know...

I'm still astounded to see you up and about.  You took one hell of a beating.

Take care man..
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I don't know you but also remember clearly how your crash affected others in the racing community.  Thanks for posting your update and hope you continue to recover.
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Brad, welcome back to the forum, and back to the use of your arm and shoulder.  Hope it continues to heal beyond the 95% mark.  And the previous warnings are true, there are people on this site with serious issues...fortunately, I am completely stable...the nice Dr says its time for me to go back to my room now, I gotta go.  Art.


I thank everone for there responses.  I was very lucky to have the health care coverage I do.  For any one looking at health insurane try Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.  They could have probably denied me if they would have wanted to since it was a racing accident, but it never even cam up.  Jeff, the wegman fund me out by paying some of my medical bills, so I could stretch the money I had till I could get back on my feet and start working again.  I'm glad that you stepped up to the plate to carry on the torch.  The racing community needs this.  I would like to give something back to what helped me out.  If you want to use my story or have me speak about what you are doing just let me know.  My story is probably a good one to promote the red flag fund.  Just email me, you should have my address.


Thanks Brad.  I will absolutely do that!  Also, if you're available in July, head up to Road America, we'd love to have to say a few words at our auction (and spend your money! :lmao: )
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[X] Get banned from Wera forum
[  ] Walk the Great Wall of China
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