New Round added to ASRA schedule: VIR North Course

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Started by backMARKr, April 20, 2007, 11:32:19 AM

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( about nothing in particular, just  :wtf:)

school year must end sucking the life outta me!!!!!

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Though your subject was a little vague, having 3 of my own, I understand... So here's my emergency survival plan when implosion is pending.  Firepit, that's right, get anything that burns properly, make the little clear spot in the back yard, and start a fire.  Not the burn barrel, (unless you are missing teeth), but a real on the ground fire.  Soon your stress will melt away with the crackling flames as you think about Summit Pt in two weeks, while the kids are each running around swordfighting with thier smoldering branches.  Testosterone guaranteed to go up at least 8%, you might even hit 10% if ya can start the fire with one match and one paper plate.  See ya at Summit.

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Simple solution. Order a case of duct tape. :biggrin:
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