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Started by racerhall, April 17, 2007, 04:44:49 PM

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probly a good question for super dave
what are the hp and torque for a 7.3 diesel
vs the hp and torque for the 6.0 diesel
looking to get a 6.0 and get ride of the 7.3
good idea or bad idea
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What year 6.0?  I've had a 03 and now a 06.  While the 7.3 is not the spring chicken it once was, I would trust it more than our 6.0.  Our 2006 6.0 isn't bad but it's got a 4" exhaust and a SCT X2 tuner on it now. 

They're OK but we're not getting the mileage out of it liked I'd hoped for. 
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Super Dave

Brian, I don't know the HP or torque figures.

You can probably find out here.

There's a good deal of unhappiness with the 6.0.  I think with the increasing emission controls, the EPA is going to completely try to eliminate them.  VW isn't bringing them over anymore because of their new stuff. 

What are you trying to do?  More with your current F250?

I think the 6.0's make more HP, but they spin them up more to get it...just like bikes with similar results...more maintenance and various issues.

Maybe we should find you a nice toter home.
Super Dave


I have a 2002 excursion with the 7.3 and the listed hp is 250 and torque is 505. Not as much as 6.0, but not as many problems either.
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I had an 03 f-350 4x4 4door dually and now have an 06 Chevy 2500 HD. I guess it depends on how brand loyal you are really. But I just like the Chevy. Mines an automatic six speed and has a position you can shift into and shift through all six gears manually with the push of a button. And the transmission has a filter. That may not make a big difference. But I'm annul retentive about that stuff and like to know there's an external filter there I can change out.
The biggest thing I've pulled thus far is a 38 foot camper about 30 miles. Obviously you could tell it's there. But it pulled it without straining and accelerated up hills.
Just something to consider if you're not stuck on ford and looking for a new one.
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I love my duramax too. 130,000 spins and no grief, huge power. I pull a 24' hydraulic trailer and a Cat 257 skidsteer with accessories. The trailer weighs around 12,000 lbs loaded and the truck just owns it.

I'm not brand loyal at all, I just bought what I thought was the best truck at the time and I've been very happy.
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 hp and tq figures higher on 6.0 but the 7.3 is more trustworthy. dealership here recommended sticking with the 7.3.... 


I'd have to toss out another vote for the D-max.  Brian, you've seen my RV & trailer.  Combined wet weight is just over 24,500# and it tows it without complaint.  This is the SAME motor & transmission you'd get in the 05 2500 or 3500 truck. 

The next gen D-max actually puts out even more torque & HP.  300hp, 520 lbf-ft torque. 

Now I know some of the Ford & Dodge have insane amounts of torque (like +700 or some shit), but for frame of reference, my 05 d-max with right around 300hp & 500 lbf-ft torque have the ability to tow more weight than most race setups will ever reach.  And I STILL get 10mpg!!!
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Super Dave

The 7.3 PSD was used in International applications as the T444E with changes.  And the 6.0 PSD is used also in some Internationl applications.

Saying that they are the "same" is an over simplification.  The foundations are similar, but even the emissions that both are required to meet have differences.  NO2 emissions are different on light trucks vs medium trucks and other things.

There are many opportunities out there.  Cummins makes a nice motor too. 

Hey, Brian, what are you trying to do exactly? 

For me, my diesel offered me several initial opportunities.  First, economy.  I costs me less in fuel, and the maintenance issues have been dramatically reduced.  Next, my chassis just handles the towing better.

Bonus was that I got places faster because I can get up to speed and even pass better with my simple 475 or 525 ft lbs of torque...(bus doesn't have an intercooler, so they are detuned that way...still, more than enough power for me even with a bigger trailer now).  I could drive faster, but it's too gamey in traffic.  I didn't like my intial ground speed at the specific RPM that I felt I needed to tow at for my power and fuel consumption rates.  Changing the rear end was gonna jump my dually axle up too high, so I just changed my tires to get a bit more ground speed. 

Super Dave


Quote from: Super Dave on April 18, 2007, 09:27:59 AM
The 7.3 PSD was used in International applications as the T444E with changes.  And the 6.0 PSD is used also in some Internationl applications.

    Yup, and the 7.3 being an International platform means that the motorwork that *might* need to be done, anywhere in the country, is going to be much more easily found.

  You could hold out for one of the new gen. diesels we'll be putting into the Suburban/Yukon XLs in '09?     :cheers: 


 Dodge........ Need I say more! 5.9 L H.O. 330 hp, 600 ftlbs. Mileage is excellent. Have done the run from DeKalb IL to Little Rock,AR less than 1 tank of fuel.

   Pull the 26' toyhauler to MAM. I put fuel in at the gas station down the street from the track.



ford 6.0 is a good engine if you get a good one but, very bad if you get a bad one. It's a crap shoot. Some people love 'em, some people hate 'em.

I have a good one right now. '05 crew cab, no problems and it tows my '35 ft. fifth wheel toy hauler with no trouble. The whole rig loaded is 21,100 lbs.

Newer is better, the '03s were shit as were '04s. '05s and '06s seem pretty good.Stay away from the new 6.4 twin turbo!!!!