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98 GSXR coolant leak

Started by Simon, April 16, 2007, 02:20:13 PM

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My 98 gixxer is leaking coolant from someplace around the water pump area. It won't do it unless its under load at the track. I can't find the leak, nothing is wet except for the left side of the belly pan after a couple of laps. My local bike shop has given up (but they can't put it under load).
Anybody got any ideas?
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 give fairfax cycles a call ... they can put it under load on their dyno and maybe find it that way. 703-591-8556 they are really great guys to deal with. please tell them that i sent you.


  How'd you store it and what's your winter temps?

Change out the hoses, pull the water pump housing to look for cracks. While you're in there you might find it. Gotta drain oil and coolant to do this, but first check hoses. 


I'd second a water pump crack as a probable cause...

Additionally, you might be able to get the system under pressure using a radiator pressure thingy (not sure of the technical term) which might squeeze some fluid out to show you...
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Not familiar with the Suzuki but I had a problem with the 2001 R6 water pump leaking.  There was a small fitting that came out of the cover with a rubber hose running up to the carbs (some type of thermal heating system for the choke or something, I think, its been a while).

Anyways, it was a pressed on fitting and was prone to leaks under racing conditions.  If the Suzuki has any type of pressed fitting you might look there.

Hope this helps.

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Uh, the coolant overflow is on that side.  Those plastic tanks can crack in a crash, or if you forget to drain them along with the radiator for winter storage.  You aren't by any chance burping a bit of coolant from a hot, high revving engine into a cracked catch tank, are you?
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Thanks for the advice guy's. I'll try all the suggestions, but I gotta tell ya, I was all over this thing with a damn microscope and I couldn't even find a damp spot with a clean, white shop cloth.
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 I just ordered about %90 of the new coolant hoses for mine ('01 750) from$80 shipped. Good place to start. Even if it's not the hoses you have new ones on and some spares.

  Did you pull off the water pump and inspect it?