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Racing Insurance

Started by OlDirtyBrian, February 05, 2003, 12:34:11 PM

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It seems as though my BCBS health insurance doesnt cover racing. Does anyone know where could i get supplemental insurance to cover track days and racing? I wouldnt need it all the time. Probably only 6-8 weekends a year.


QuoteIt seems as though my BCBS life insurance doesnt cover racing. Does anyone know where could i get supplemental insurance to cover track days and racing? I wouldnt need it all the time. Probably only 6-8 weekends a year.

Life insurance usually has what they call a contestable period, usually for two years.  What that means that if you would die - say as a result of suicide, racing, or other factors - the insurance company could say that you were aware of the risks and only refund the premiums paid to your beneficiaries.  After the contestable period, the insurance company is required to pay no matter what unless your beneficiary was the one to have caused your death.

Grab out your policy and read through it.  

Good Luck!

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oops typo. i meant health insurance not life insurance


The only thing I could suggest is to get a job that provides group insurance coverage.  I don't know of any private carrier that would provide this type of coverage.

Good luck!

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Nate R

Search on the WERA board. There was a thread about a month ago about this.
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After five years of racing and worrying if my insurance (BCBS) would cover a track accident, I found out  last summer.  I'm happy  :)  to report that out of nearly $50K worth of bills, I'm out less than $3K, and some of it will probably be picked up by CCS's supplemental insurance.  

That being said, I have been told that some employers plans, including BCBS, have specific exclusions for motorsports.  I've read the fine print on my last few policies (I change jobs a lot!) and have yet to see any of these exclusions, but I suppose they are out there.

As a side note, State Farm would not sell me disability insurance (income), but did sell me an affordable mortgage disability policy to cover the house in case I was laid up for a while.


A note on supplemental insurances, such as AFLAC. Read very carefully all materials enclosed before you sign up. You will find that most supplementals will not cover "risk taking" sports, and many specifically exclude motorsports of any kind. They also run many of these insurances "a la carte", so you will have to sift through several programs. In other words, save your money.
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This always kills me...  At every employer I have, at orientation, I ask the benefits people this exact question:

"Do you exclude specific sports or events like Skydiving, full contact golf, softball, motorcycle racing"?

I've never had one yet who has excluded it.

I get pretty hot when I start talking to supplemental insurance companies who won't provide me additional disability insurance because I go near motorcycles.  For crying out loud, I would be willing to bet that there are FAR more injuries per capita in other sporting events (tennis, softball, basket ball, etc).  People are SO narrow minded...
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A quick note:  The supplemental insurance I refered to previously was provided by CCS as part of our entry fees.  I didn't know it existed until I asked about it.  If I got it right, it has a $1000 deductible, and $4000 worth of coverage, all included in the price of admission! :)


Motorcycle racing is not dangerous compared to downhill skiing.  Maybe I just know uncoordinated geeks or something, but I see tons of people on crutches during the winter from skiing crashes and then in the summer after reconstructive surgery.