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Started by Super Dave, April 09, 2007, 10:36:56 AM

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Quote from: Garywc on April 09, 2007, 07:54:39 PM
here the celebrate thee 100th day of school by having the kids put one hundred things on a piece of paper or a hat
that must teach them something.

Schools do that now as parents complain if they are too competitive. That's why there is no dodge ball in gym and all sorts of other things that have no winners. We are more about enabling kids and labeling them. My wife is also a School Principal you should hear the horror stories.

I have 4 kids in the school system and thank god for public schools , i feel Gordy's pain . It would cost me over $27000 a year to put all 4 thru private school. The other problem is all the older people that don't have children that complain they shouldn't pay taxes towards schools as their kids are done going thru them . Well who paid when their kids were in School , people like me for the years before mine entered or the older people back when. It all works out.

Super Dave

I think public education is necessary.  Don't get me wrong there. 

I think it can be done a whole lot cheaper. 

Enabling.  There's that word, Jim...LOL!  I used to love dodge ball.  That was fun.  Now, it seems like they do goofy things in gym, like you said, that no one wins or looses.  Can't have any winners or victims.   :wah:
Super Dave


Don't get me wrong. I don't mind paying for public schools. I attended public schools.

Public schools are paid for in various ways around the country. They are not all funded by taxes. That is a problem in Wisconsin. The leaders here have never looked at any alternative ways of funding public schools. The state motto is "Forward", when in fact we are one of the most ass backward states in the union.


do you think the lottery money really goes to schools and senior citizens like some states say they do?

I don't have any kids yet that i know of
but my mother drives a school bus and my sister is a teacher so i hear a lot of the stories that make me wonder who the hell is in charge of the education system
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Super Dave

In Wisconsin, lottery money goes toward property taxes on the state side.  I can't say that the lottery money pays for schools.
Super Dave


 Public School costs are a bargain, especially here in Wisconsin where I believe our public schools are nationally rated somewhere in the top 5. You gotta have sports and other extra-curricular activities to socilaize the kids to other kids. 

  The rip off, as far as taxes are concerned, is the voucher program in which PRIVATE schools are partially funded by all taxpayers. My state tax dollars are being re-distributed to PRIVATE schools?! I don't get it-have I heard something wrong here in this "voucher" program?   :whine: 


So on the broad topic of schools & funding, here's a huge pet peeve of mine.

In the Hamilton School District (Waukesha county), middle & high school, they grade on a letter scale in Science (A-F), HOWEVER, if a student takes a lab and scores LESS than an 80, they receive a 0 (yes, ZERO) until they repeat it over & over & over and get above an 80.


It puts the school in a higher state bracket and allows for more funding.

Now, talk about a bunch of shit...  So my kid scores a 75 and you give them a ZERO?  WTF is that all about?!?!  The class has grades A-F, but if it's less than a B, you have an F.  Why can't you just make it a pass/fail? 

I can't even begin to explain how pissed this makes me and disgusted it makes me with our education system and govt funding practices...
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Oh for the good ol' days when I could sit in class and do nothing, (I did learn the material), and then show up on test day, ace the exam, and get an "A" in the class because I wore short skirts and go-go boots.  :biggrin:

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