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2000 SV jetting with BMC filter??? Perplexed

Started by SV88, March 28, 2007, 09:29:27 AM

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Just bought a set of carbs with a BMC filter and was shocked to find
that the main jet is just a 130.  I've been running a 142 with stock
filter for LWSS.  Does this make sense?   The needles do not appear to be raised....

These carbs are very slightly different from stock - use allen bolts
for the bowl vs philips head.  Could these be '99s vs my stock 2000?

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Super Dave

Replacing the phillips heads with allens is an old idea that makes life a bit easier.

Does it have a jet kit in it?  OEM jets are different from Dynojet jets.  The numbers don't really relate, but they can be close in what you'd use number wise. 

If the bike was modified, it can make a difference.

Why did you need another set of carbs?
Super Dave


Just noticed that the needle is thinner... which explains the smaller main  & pilot (130 and 15).  Installed the carbs and the rear one is spewing gas - probably a stuck float.

I bought the spare carbs & BMC filter/box thinking that I'd run that in SS and go to my other set (rejeted) with the oversize K&N filter for SB.  Unfortunately I ruined one of the slides pushing the needle plug down too aggressively.

Two weeks before I'm at your school Dave - luckily took the day off and am working on the bike.  Side cover issue more or less resolved.

Don't want to have to mess with the bikes other than suspension while I'm there...
Fastsv650/SVR6/Steve sv23
09R6rdrace,13KTM250xc enduro,03SV1000N, 99-02 sv650 project
ret. CCS MW/FL/SE 88  Moto A SSP 881



Is it the OEM replacement BMC of the "race" BMC...the reason I ask is I put the stock replacement BMC in mine over the winter and I am running a tad on the lean side and hoping to save some troubleshooting time...

If you could let me know and what jetting you are going to use...that would be great!

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Super Dave

Look at those slides closely on the bottom.  Sounds like it has a jet kit in it.  Dynojet kits used to have you drill and plug holes in the slides.  Might be worth looking at the slides on yours and the others to make sure they are exactly the same. 
Super Dave


Set your idle air screws at 2 turns out, run 17.5 pilot jets, shim the stock needles and run either stock mains or one step up.  If you don't know the source of the mains toss them out and go with a known (stock, Factory Pro or other good quality jet).  Run stock undrilled slides.  This should work pretty well for you.

If you want more power you've got to look at the cams but then that puts you out of Super Sport.

Good luck!
Greg Williams

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