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Started by slidewaysmike, March 28, 2007, 12:41:43 AM

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Just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm getting the urge to start racing again, and am hoping to get out on the track this year some time.  I raced about 10 years ago, and I guess life got in the way of me having a ton of fun on the track.  Now that I'm a little older and a little wiser (of course that all depends on who you ask :-) ) I'm thinking that I just gotta get out there again.
I live in Columbus Ohio, and am looking to buy a race bike that will be fairly inexpensive (I'm thinking 99-01 R6) to buy, and will help me get my "race legs" under me again.  Also if there's anyone local who races and can fill me in on the local scene I'd love to hear from you.

Hope to see some of you on the track sometime this year.


Super Dave

Welcome, Mike!

I think Fasttrax is the main racing organization in the Ohio area, and I can't tell you if they are with CCS  now or not.

For a little more money, the '03-'04 R6 is a little better bike with fuel injection and it does share wheels, the rear rotor, and cush drive with the current R6.  For a less expensive alternative, the SV650 absolutely rocks.  As you know, tires are a big expense, and a 600 will consume them more than the SV with it's 70+/- HP.  I personally like the newer chassis, '03 I believe.  Mabye that gives you some more ideas.
Super Dave


WOW- welcome  back mike-to the disease I will surely die with, but hopefully not OF! Take daves advice,give youself a fair chance at the young guys-teach em all you can about old age and  :spank:treachery over youth and enthusiasm! :lmao: :cheers: 8) Have yourself a lotta fun,again! I wish all of us a safe season! John in NJ


I've been looking at the SV also, I used to ride a Hawk GT quite a bit, and have always loved having fun on a V-twin so it's definitely a consideration.  I've found a couple of bikes already set up, as a matter of fact I saw a '00 R6 all set up sans paint for $1999.00 on ebay ( 250097454124 ) but nobody jumped on it.  I'm a little leary about ebay bikes though so I'd rather find one on a board like this one.  Is that crazy?  For SVs I've found a couple, but haven't found just the right one for me yet.  (Plus I'm probably about a month or so away from really being in a position to buy.)

K3 Chris Onwiler

Here is an article that might help.  There are other articles at that might help you as well.  Welcome to the addiction.
The frame was snapped, the #3 rod was dangling from a hole in the cases, and what was left had been consumed by fire.  I said, "Hey, we've got all night!"