Safety wiring brakes.

Started by Rudy, March 19, 2007, 12:31:44 PM

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I don't see where you have to do this in the CCS rule book.  My old bike was purchased with all brake line bolts wired but I'm building a new bike this year and just installed the Galfer lines last night. 

Do or don't?


Super Dave

CCS stopped requiring it quite a few years ago.  But it is required by some organizations.  I like to do it because is does still positively keep the calipers located where they need to a place slowing down the bike.  I have seen bikes come back in from practice with caliper bolts coming out too.  Not sure why that happens, but it is easy to over come with the safety wire.

Hope that gives you some ideas.
Super Dave


I'll second that...  It's not required, but those are bolts you DEFINITELY do not want coming out...
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