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Tune boy tuning

Started by Fast4fun, March 12, 2007, 06:37:18 PM

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Three questions: First, does anybody have experience using tuneboy vs PCR?   Second, is there a shop near Chicago that supports tuneboy?  Third, what is the difference between tuneboy and PCR?   I have a triumph and am looking into my tuning options. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Super Dave

Ok, the Tuneboy is for the Euro bike FI systems, right?

Everyone will have their local favorites.  You'll have to call, but I'm expecting that someone with a good load control dyno like a Mustang or Factory Pro dyno should have most of what they need to get it done, but I might be wrong. 

I use for my stuff.  They've worked with lots of different things.  Ask Scotty Ryan what he thinks about the bikes he's riding this year.  Probably want to call and see though.  Should be back from Daytona by today or tomorrow. 
Super Dave


Any shop that has a usb connection for a PC can do a tuneboy with the latest software load.  You'll need an extra null modem cable, then the laptop 'looks like' a PC to the dyno.  There are explicit directions on the Tuneboy website on how to set this up. 

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Scotty Ryan

Safety First/4&6 just installed a new DynoJet Dyno with load control - From what I understand it is the newest - updated version of the DynoJets.... And to add about what Super Dave said - the Safety First bikes I'm racing this season (all of which are tuned in house at Safety First/4&6 - Are seriously fast!!! I was able to go around almost anyone(except the Factory bikes and a few other top riders) without even drafting on the banking.... Give Jim a call @ 4&6 and see what they can do for you.....
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Well, As far as I know, The tuneboy is a deal developed by this McDonald Fella from Australia for the Triumph fuel injected bikes.

Basically it allows to do all of the things the Factory Triumph tool does in checking sensors as well as adjusting the factory triumph map ( fuel, ignition, redline) What you need to use it is a cable or someone with a cable and a software key from McDonald...

Allegedly the tuneboy software will now work with tuning link on the Dynojet Dyno. I have just adjusted the map manually on some customer bikes in previous years. At the time the Tuneboy did not allow map changes in real time like the Power Commander does. Allegedly the tuneboy now allows real time map changes. ( i say allegedly, because I have not used the new stuff)

For the Dyno work my shop is top notch for tuning. I was an authorised Triumph dealer for a few years before I got rid of that, So I do have working knowledge  on the Triumphs. We also Have the Dynojet 250 dyno at the shop (MD Racing) and have been an authorised Dynojet Power Commander tuning Center since 2000.

the real expert with the Tuneboy stuff is a gentleman named Greg Geigle.. You should be able to find him on the Chicagoland sportbikes website.. He has had several Turboed Triumph Speed triples usning the Tuneboy for tuning.

We usually end up using the Power Commander 3 USB's for tuning though, because it is so Accurate and precise, as well as fast and easy. Most customers do not need what the tuneboy offers, unless they are just a die hard do it yourselfer... Which virtually none of my customers are.

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