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Started by zeroice, March 06, 2007, 06:04:43 PM

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Remember the discussion about how expensive camping at daytona during bike week was going to be? see this post:,16104.msg136056.html#msg136056

Ok, so I'm back from Daytona and I want to comment on Daytona's POOR ability to communicate on the matter of camping.

first of all, does anyone remember last 06 ROC and that your credentials allowed you to camp in the east side/bank?

Well, if anyone reads the previous posts (link above), you'll see that that camping was not an option for this time during bike week. I too called Daytona and the ticketing agency regarding camping at the track. I got the 3 expensive camping options listed in previous post and that no tent camping was allowed.

turns out that you CAN camp at the track for $15/day, significantly less than other camp grounds ($40+/day). I talked to the one guard guarding the entrance to the camp area and he explained that there was a lot of mis-communication and that the campsite was not advertised. Hence if anyone noticed last week, there were not too many campers filling the camp area.

Just thought I'd b1tch...  :finger: Daytona management :finger:

Otherwise, I had a great time at daytona and have nothing else to b1tch about. In fact I'd like to thank the daytona security for being much nicer this time around. I'm also happy that bicycles are now allowed at the track!
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We are working with Daytona to offer "racer-rate" camping at future events. Both DIS and ASRA/CCS officials agree it has become a nightmare since the people that run the camping have no idea what to do with the racers, Our DIS contacts have pledged to help us solve the problem, as they have helped with many other issues (such as bicycles).

Please be patient while we work out the specifics of this program, they will be announced in time for the ROC and should roll over to Bikeweek too.
Kevin Elliott
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Fast Forward 13 years .......  to 2020

Tent camping is "FREE" inside the speedway during the spring and fall CCS / ASRA racing events.  You have to have a ticket or pit pass etc for the day to stay the night.  Showers are free also!

I have been utilizing this benefit for a few years now, since I sold my RV.  RV spots do cost $. 


2021 Update
No tent camping.  The showers will be closed and the restrooms will be closed after the races each day.

I am updating this thread because it gets a lot of hits from search engines and the official statements on the Daytons speedway website is not so easy to find.