What is this yamaha part number?

Started by TZDeSioux, January 31, 2003, 06:50:27 PM

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Can someone help me with this. I have a few yamaha parts with the number
93310-316D6 They look like wrist pin bearings but I have no idea what bike they are for. Someone who has access to a parts database please help me.


Brian if it look's like, taste like, smell's like, and feel's like a wrist pin bearing it probably is.  The part # for my '96 is 93310-316D5.  So let's assume '97?


I think it's the part # for a 97 TZ250 full race camshaft. :P


my 98 had the same part number as your 95 for the wrist pin bearing. This one is a D6.. I have no idea what bike it's for... perhaps a YZ maybe?  ??? Oh and it's also larger than the TZ part.

I checked the part numbers for the TZ race kit cam shaft but it's not. I'm starting to think that maybe this part number is for the TZ valve cover you smart ass!  ;D ;D


Is that the valve cover that covers the TZ's valves ???

My dad had several water buffalo's (Suzuki GT750's) He allways hopped them up and could whoop about any challanger. Everybody allways had the same question. "Wow, that things fast. What kind of cam have you got in it."