Safety Wiring Materials and Tools

Started by TonyC, January 31, 2007, 08:01:55 AM

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Anyone know where I can order some safety wiring materials and tools?

Any quick advice would also be great.
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Lithium Motorsports -  or call & talk to Rob.  Tell him you came from here.
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You local shop should be able to get the pliers and wire easily as well.

The pliers aren't cheap.


Quote from: r1owner on January 31, 2007, 01:33:11 PM
You local shop should be able to get the pliers and wire easily as well.

The pliers aren't cheap.

Our dealership sold me a set for like $20.  That's the cheapest thing I've ever bought for racing.
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If you have a harbor freight locally, they are $7 there if I remember right
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As an ex aircraft mechanic I will just say, you pay for what you get.  I have a set from harbor and they work, but they don't grip as well and I am always yelling at them.  I also have a Snap On pair at home and they are awesom but cost way to much.    you can also look at  and search for saftey wire pliers.  Good sets with different options.  I would bet though that Rob at Lithium will have the best set at a good price.
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aircraft spruce should have exactly what you need.  Spend the money on the good pliers.  You'll be glad you did. 
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+1, buy the good ones, ours were rediculusly overpriced 15 years ago even by todays standards, but they still work awesome, my suggestion is look for a set with a sealed bearing on the spinning end, it really helps to spin fast and very smooth (i.e predictable) and I rarely break any wire.
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