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The Missing Link in Quick Shifters has Arrived

Started by APKdevelopments, January 27, 2007, 12:48:40 AM

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The MS-100 is a revolutionary digital quick shifter that will let you do away with adjusting kill times forever, as this is the first system to automatically adapt the engine interrupt perfectly for each shift, under changing conditions, to provide the optimum shift, each time. This result's in the fastest, smoothest up shifts, through the full throttle range. That's right, even in low rpm's such as riding around town, the MS-100 allows you to quick shift just as smooth as at full rpm. The MS-100 is a stand-alone system, available as a universal kit to interface EFI and ignition systems.

  • Much safer for your gearbox
  • Never adjust kill times again
  • Setup in seconds
  • Compact
  • Digital ECU automatically adjusts kill time for the optimum shift
More information at


Hello everyone,

In response to pricing concerns, I have reviewed our component costs and vendor deals to get you better pricing on our shift systems.

You can now buy the MS-100 Quick Shifter, featuring Digital Closed Loop Technology, and industry first, for JUST $385!  :boink:

Check it out at

Alex Kalempa
APK Developments



Thought I would post this, as I have recieved a few questions about the MS-100 quick shifter. Hope this clears some things up.

The revolutionary MS-100 Quick Shifter, with it's exclusive digital closed loop technology, gives you the optimum shift through the full throttle range, under changing conditions, making all other quick shifters obsolete. Installation is simple, with only four wires interfacing with the bikes electrical system, two of which are simply power and ground. Setting up the MS-100 is the easiest ever, taking just seconds. The MS-100 quick shifter is a universal kit that will work on any modern motorcycle, and is available to interface with your EFI or Ignition system.

The MS-100 Universal Quick Shifter Kit is priced at $385 and Available Here

Thank you,
Alex Kalempa
APK Developments