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How do you put patches on your leathers?

Started by ecumike, January 30, 2003, 02:39:19 PM

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Last year I went to my local dry cleaner/alterer and they wanted $7 to sew on a patch to my leathers. I opted to take an hour of my time and do it myself by hand.

I'm getting new leathers, and thought I ask here, before I do that again.

Do you sew it yourself? pay someone?  is there another way besides sewing, to put them on?

This plastic cover stuff I see on some of the leather's patches.. what/why/how?

Sorry for the barrage of ?s.. thought I ask 'em all while I'm asking.


I pay someone (usually Helimot) but, mostly because I'm lazy. The clear plastic is to keep you patches clean and shiny.


I charge $3 per patch with vinyl, however, the savings you would get by having me do it would be eaten up by shipping fees. The vinyl I use is available at any fabric store in the Home Dec department. There are different weghts, I use a mid weight vinyl. Doing it by hand can be rough on your fingers; you need specific leather needles. It can be done but won't look pro. I suggest looking around and comparing prices. Good luck in your search, feel free to e-amil me if you have any other questions.

Alexa Krueger
Spyder Leatherworks
Alexa Krueger
Spyder Leatherworks
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Eric Kelcher

I know one guy that uses a safety pin to hold them on. in case he changes sponsors   ;)
Eric Kelcher
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I just sent my leather suit to Barnacle Bill to get ventilated and have patches sewn on. He will charge me 10$ per patch w/the clear cover according to his email. (I even forgot to send him the darn patches, but as it happens, he has a stockpile at hand) From what others have posted on various BBS's, he does great work.
Remind me to never again buy a leather suit that isn't perforated everywhere!!


I have Spyder chick do it and recommend it :-)

In a pinch this last year, I slapped a spongebob patch and then my bunny patch on the shoulders of my old leathers using silicone.  They're still there after a few crashes :-)

Here's the sticker of my bunny patch

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I sent mine to Barnacle Bill also.
He's putting on a hump, my name, and 3 patches
for $150.
Shannon had recommended him highly.
But you'd better suit will be back here on March 1st according to Bill's forcast.


i llove that bunny sticker!!!! where did you get it?



Yea I know but the price and shipping to BB will kinda lose the point of looking for a low cost option.. ya know what I mean.

Besides, my new leathers won't be here for another 1.5 months, according to AGV :(

I'm hoping to have them by the March 15 weekend


I used safety wire at the four corners...especially easy if the patch is over perforations.  Cheapest short term solution I could come up with.



I pay Z to get that done..  the cost depends on where the patch goes.  Its more expensive if you want it on the sleeve/ or upper shoulder area, as they've got to remove the armor and stuff...  its less money if the patch is just on the chest..