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Started by TonyC, January 21, 2007, 07:01:47 PM

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I am in the middle of installing Attack race bodywork to my '06 Kawasaki 636 and was looking for recommendations on which type fasterners I should use.  When I bought the bodywork I ordered the type offered by Attack (, but now think I should have ordered the quick release type.

Any advice?
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I am not sure what you mean by quick release type as all dzus fasteners are quick release. On a side note i just installed attack body work on my gsxr and i used a different type of dzus but it is still quick release just like the ones you ordered.


You are correct, all dzus fasterners are quick release.  I meant to refer to the d-ring type.

By the way, any advice on installing the fasteners?  Pictures would be great.
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I prefer the D-ring style, with either the "clip-on" or "rivet plate" receptacle.  Never been a big fan of the non-plate rivet type receptacle.

Good info here:   Not dial-up safe.
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Quote from: Jason748 on January 21, 2007, 08:50:01 PM
I prefer the D-ring style, with either the "clip-on" or "rivet plate" receptacle.  Never been a big fan of the non-plate rivet type receptacle.

+1,  I prefer the clip-on style also. When you have to change bodywork they can be easily removed vs. the rivet style. The clip-ons are much more user friendly.


+2 on the clip style, they are all I use.
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d ring with clip. i tried the riveted ones about a month ago and they are a pain in the ass. clip only for me
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"Survey says" . . . . . . . . "clip + D-ring is the number one answer."
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i'm late on this one, but yeah. the clip/d-ring is far better. hand down.
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my sharkskinz came with them installed with the fastners, my attack on the other hand came with the bike and had nothing on them, so i use zipties (they are more readily available, and i dont lose them on the track)

ive always had a couple of those quick release screws fall out on the track.  ive used tape, so i finally safety wired them together so they wouldn't vibrate out.


Thanks again for all the advice.
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