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Remote starter/rollers

Started by mq105, January 13, 2007, 03:48:42 PM

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Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with rollers or remote starters? By remote I mean a starter that is not attached to the bike. I'm thinking of something like Moto GP or Indy cars.
I know someone who has a 1970-something Rickman Honda that he wants to vintage race, but it doesn't have a starter. He doesn't want to push start and is looking for alternatives.
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i bet you could make one with a lawn mower engine, a couple of rollers, and some 1inch square tube

Super Dave

I raced a CB400F for a guy.  Starter was removed. 

You can put a bolt on the end of the crank, then put an access hole through the cover, then slip a starter though with a piece to engage it.  You'll need a battery to engage that.  Pretty easy.

Someone in AHRMA makes a roller unit that has a battery and a starter than engages a set of rollers.  Used that on a CB450 that I raced for some nice folks.  You might be able to contact Terry there about it.
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Thanks. I will check with AHRMA about this.
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here is what you are looking for
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That's it! Excellent. Thanks for the help.

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isnt there a guy in the MW that uses the rear tire of his truck on some kind of roller contraption to "bump" start his bikes?
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Yeah, but you need a helper for that.  I just bump start bikes.
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Is this really worth the hassle?

Scotty Ryan

I think it is either Brian Lacey or Gary Palmer that use that unit.... When I was running a Honda Hawk a couple years ago - my tuners made a Ducati style starter.... It was a 5HP engine mounted to a Chassis with wheels so you could move it around.... On the end of the crankshaft they put a go kart style clutch - and welded a go kart wheel and tire to the clutch..... It worked good - But like Dave said - it requires someone else to operate it....
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I use the docz unit and it works great, and he's a real good guy.  The only drawback is having to transport the whole thing (I'm close to my weight limit already), but that is true of all roller starters and not exclusive to the doc z unit.

For 07 I am looking to design (like SD mentioned) a direct crank engage external starter.  Less weight ... and the girlfriend will be able to do it ;)
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