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Looking for a licensing school

Started by cgorham, January 13, 2007, 12:48:46 AM

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I live in Maryland and I'm looking to go to a Cornerspeed or other "real" racing school to learn some basics for riding and track ettiquette.  Money is a bit of an issue but I would rather go to a school and learn than just go out riding and get a license from doing a mock race.  I was hoping to go to a WERA race early March.


 Well, that would be the Mid Atlantic region for CCS and I'm not sure who does the licensing clinics out there? If you wanna race WERA in March I'd suggest using the license Org. they prefer, to make things simple.

  However, it sounds like you want something beyond the license clinic. I'd suggest getting your license first and then attend something like Keith Code's California Superbike School. Read the Twist of the Wrist books, sack away some cash for the class($400 on your bike for a day), and make a reservation in the Level I class. Good luck in the racing!   :thumb:


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Speaking of cornerspeed, I see they have designed a new class to show us road racers how to let the back end slide around corners.  Anything like their new Cornerspin available at Budds Creek MD or somewhere like that?  I've not really done any MX but people at trackdays(TPM guys) have said that taking a lesson on MX will help out a whole bunch.


I took the MARRC class @ Summit Point last year. They do teach you a little bit about race lines etc.. but do focus on getting you on and off the track safe, as well as talking about the hows and why's of racing. the biggest thing is the limited amount of time given for the class it is hard to get into any real 'teaching'.
I also took the Cornerspeed class a couple years ago @ VIR but never did any racing afterward. They both taught the same basic things and are both comparable, IMHO.

It takes time to get fast I would suggest taking the class getting your licence and then do a few races, then take a more advanced class after that, you will be able to understand what they are trying to teach you a little more that way.

Being in MD your pretty close to a few tracks Summit Point, VIR, Pocono, and Beaver Run. I dont know about WERA but I know that CCS is at Summit like 6 times this yr and VIR 2. Plenty of time to go fast!!

Have Fun!
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You'd be amazed at the things you'll learn in an STT Novice session.  They have a really good program for teaching high performance riding.
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Quote from: K3 Chris Onwiler on January 13, 2007, 01:56:33 PM
You'd be amazed at the things you'll learn in an STT Novice session.  They have a really good program for teaching high performance riding.

Yes! K3 is right! That's where I got to meet K3 and he was my instructor who started me off.

I did find the ravine myself at Putnam .... :lmao:

And K3 gave me my new track name that day.........swampthing.........

he he he


PS: I did the Learning the Curves licensing class this past summer at Gingerman.
      They were great too!

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Quote from: cgorham on January 13, 2007, 09:37:01 AM
Speaking of cornerspeed...

If Cornerspeed is near you, you should go to that school.  Aaron is a very bright guy, and he runs a tight program.  He's someone that you can rely upon and go back to for info.  MARRC is good too.  I'm not sure who's working with Roger, but they are good people.  You're in a good location for knowledge.
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I was just down at the DC Convention center and got to talking with some guys from TPM and I'm going to do an ART PT combined with getting my license by doing a mock race.  I'm excited because I have been real happy with how much I have learned just by going to their track days alone.  I'm not a complete novice in terms of track riding.  I went to about 5 or 6 track days last year and got moved to the intermediate group with Team Promotion.  Thanks for all the help.


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If you find yourself compelled to make your way out to the midwest - Check out Dave can explain things in a way that you would have to see to believe......
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I'll throw another vote in the hat for Keith Code's CSS.  I've been through them, and worked personally with Keith for a few years.  He has a way of breaking things down and drilling people which some other schools do not do...

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