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Race Tech or Ohlins?

Started by metricdevilmoto, January 02, 2007, 09:54:23 PM

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I'm currently shopping for new springs for my 06 ZZR600. (It's basicallly the exact same bike as the 2002 ZX6R.) I've decided on 1.0 springs for the front and rear, but I'm hearing different things about RT vs. Ohlins springs. Does anyone have any experience with either? Price is about the same, so that's not a factor. Any help or information would be greatly apprecieated.
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i have racetech and have nothing to argue about with them. never tried the ohlins but i've been happy with race tech.
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They're springs, man.  As long as they're both the same rate, and both are straight rate, (as opposed to progerssive rate) then either should perform exactly the same.
I'm pretty sure I have a rear wheel and rotor for that bike that I'd let go cheap!  PM me if you're interested.
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Gotcha. I figured as much, but it's better to ask a stupid question than not know the answer to a stupid question.

Speaking of stupid questions ... the main problem I'm experiencing is pushing the front wheel. A lot. At Summit in T5 on the brakes down the hill when I flick it in left, I push. Hard. Considering the transition from asphalt to concrete there, it's not a place where I can easily save the front when it goes on me. I tried riding around it and smoothing the bike out with the throttle, but in order to go faster, I just need the front to hook up. My thoughts are that the front is pushing because I'm out of suspension travel on the brakes coming downhill so there's nothing left when I lean in or hit the transition. I'm heavier than the "ideal" rider at about 225-235 with my gear on, so I'm thinking that stiffer springs will leave me more suspension travel in reserve when I'm on the binders.

Am I close?

Also, should I opt for the valve kit as well? Better is always, well, better ... but will the stock bits play nice with the stiffer spring? I'm planning on dumping the stock fluid for 10W when i swap the springs. I'm hoping that will help smooth things out as well. Thanks for the input.
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I would recommend 1.0 springs for your weight if not heavier. If you originally had stock springs then this will be much much better. I've never been to the track but from what your describing it seems you are pushing the front from running out of travel.
I believe the bike comes with 10w oil if I'm correct.
I would raise the level of the oil in the forks which will help on your bottoming.
Install a race tech compression & rebound stack and it will dampen much better.
Have it set up for your weight.
You can send your forks to us and we can valve them right.
We have years of experience on the ZX6R's.
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Whatever rate you go with I would recommend the newer Traxxion spring setup... I believe they're called Omni springs.  They have a smaller OD and use a centering rod to help keep the spring on track.  I do quite a bit of suspension work and after the last job (ZX-10) I won't be using the standard ones anymore.
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Hey Met Dev- yea i agree w/spring upgrade - in T4 at summit is the right turn at downhill ,then to left over the concrete is T5------- t4 is fast , i'm a lil new but i know i feel safer t4 when i brake  and then turn right but am on gas lightening my front- yea that area is risky and have seen the tracks scariest moments there- i am 225 and understand!-send jason your stuff! they seem to focus on the kaws and are front runners who understand! I am in the process hopefully soon  of installing a ohlinsr&t fork w/25mil internals/superbike valving- bring on the transition spots at summit i shouldnt feel them much at all if alls well! See you at my favorite 10 turns anywhere!       John in NJ


Catman, I agree with T4 at Summit, but I feel like I'm pretty fast (for me) through T2, T3 and T4, so I try and carry as much speed as I can through there. That's where I can build up a lead on the stacks before they pull me going up the hill after T9 and down the straight. By the time I get through T4 and have to setup and turn in for T5, I have to be hard on the brakes. I just lift a bit through T4 and give it a bit of throttle as I exit to lift the nose a bit before and settle things. I've been riding around the suspension for so long, it will be nice to have a properly sprung bike under me next year.

Oh, and I love Summit too, man. Haven't done Beaver yet, but from what I hear I'll like that too. And I'm plannning on making the trip with TPM to Calabogie in the summer. One of the TPM coaches was telling me that Calabogie was like Summit on roids.

Thanks for your input, everyone.
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Quote from: metricdevil on January 03, 2007, 12:30:10 PMHaven't done Beaver yet, but from what I hear I'll like that too.
That's gotta be the quote of the year as of now!  :biggrin: LMOA!!!!
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+1 n the quote-got my vote too mike-met dev- i rode around w/poor handling till i bought a well set up bike and reminded myself that i could ride (since 1968)- safer fastersaferfaster.....look me up in May 5-6 #28 am--john


Mike Faillace, #610 AM
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