Front Number Plates and Air Intakes

Started by Grashopr, December 27, 2006, 03:21:59 PM

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Burt Munro

So just how do they expect me to put my numbers on the nose without covering the air intakes?? :ass:

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Rick Beggs

i have 2 numberplates, one on each side, and i move the # depending on the track, you need good paint to do this,
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Quote from: Burt Munro on January 10, 2007, 01:52:42 PM
Mongo, Jeff and all others....

The problem that has appeared recently is bikes such as the '06 R6 with a substantial air intake right where the number plate would logically be located.

No matter how much white or yellow you use on the intake it still leaves a big black hole, which can make #88 look like 818 or 878.  Not to mention the problem created when you have a 3 digit number (do you put numbers 1 and 3 on either side of the intake and stagger the middle digit above the intake?) Now that's even harder to read.

Mongo, not sure what feedback you're getting from your scorer's, if this is a problem for them.  It's easier when you get familiar with your regular riders (oh yeah, that's Mitch on his silver R6 and he's  #77 - not 777).

The main thing is if the scorer's or starter has to take even a half a second longer to read a number, they could miss 2 or 3 other bikes going by in a pack.

It's back to the same old story - what looks good to you in the shop, with the bike sitting on stands all pretty and new, is no where near what it looks like coming down the front straight at 150!


If you put the numberplate above the intake, using part of the windscreen, the hole is no longer an issue.

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I like the bar code, everyone line up nice at start finish every lap :D

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Here is an R6 with a 3 digit number that is all the way across that is easy to read.  :thumb:


If you use the air intake as a mouth, you can add a nose and eyes above to make a rolling emoticon.  :rollseyes: :biggrin:
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