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Will the grids be small this year?

Started by DRU2, January 28, 2003, 09:08:31 PM

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Hey R6, I hear you. I think that's crazy that RRR is on the MA schedule.

I'M not even sure that I'm gonna goto Barber... RRR is far enough for me.

I still want this to be fun. I want to race motorcycles, not wallets.

K3 Chris Onwiler

What you guys are saying is just as true in the Midwest.  Road America, Blackhawk, Gingerman, and Gateway are all within 6 to 8 hours from Chicago.  If you are unlucky enough to live somewhere besides Chicago, it will be much worse for you.  Then CCS throws 2 events in Omaha and an event in Alabama into the mix.  Due to the travel expenses, I will only be contesting Formula 40 for sure this year.  As a result, I will be spending as much to travel as to race.  If there were half as many events in a smaller area, I'd enter several more classes each weekend.  Overall, CCS would get more of my money.
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Cover it with white paint, then put a ton of stickers on it. Be sure to put all the contingency companies stuff on it, to receive your useless coupons and discounts.  Be sure to get some bull crap discounts on parts like everyone offers me from your local dealer and then plaster you trailer with their logo so you can tell everyone, "they are one of my 'sponsors', " with that reality in your head of 10% off on somethig marked up 19%. >:(
 Well that should do it, oh wait, charge the hell out of about three credit cards........BAM!!!! You're now a motorcycle road racer. Feels pretty good huh?  ;)


QuoteI think the number of races in a region are a bit excessive, too.  I mean, in the Midwest area, we'll race from April through early October, and we have fourteen event weekends?  Hey, that's every other weekend, really.  That's a whole lot of cash or credit to come up with.

I know the series championships help get riders to commit, and generate revenue for the racing organization, but would just few less dates help get more to attempt to follow the series?

I couldn't agree with you more, Dave.  Last year I bit the bullet and did what ever it took to race.  I wanted to win a championship and a plate and spent all of my money and then some(I know I'm not alone).  I barely came up with the money for the last round.  I know if you want to race bad enough, you do what it takes but fourteen weekends is ridiculous.  CCS should get rid of the first and last couple races in the cold and let's have a ten race series.  I actually think there is more of a draw to spend money on a ten race championship than a fourteen.  Ten is a more realistic number, financially and time wise.  I'll race as much as I can and so will everyone else, but no more Championship runs for this freak!


Just a Question. Is there any way to get this ten races this year?and if ther isnt how can we get it for next year!


OK.......  Maybe I'm missing something, but after checking the schedule, I see 8 regional series with 6 of the 8 regions with 10 races or less already.

Most of the Midwest racers are fortunate enough to be in a location that allows them a choice of realistically contesting in 3 different series.

Great Lakes, Midwest and Great Plains.  

The problem here is that everyone wants to contest all 3 making it very expensive and time consuming.

         Just race the Great Lakes region.  There already is a 10 race schedule and being from Chicago, you can easily reach every track in less than 5 hours with the exception of Mid-America (8 hours or so)  You actually will travel less distance throughout the year in this region than if you contested the Midwest series.

Super Dave

Didn't I count fifteen races in the Midwest series?

And that's the one that has the six Blackhawk events, the one's closest to the Chicago area...  The track with a huge number of racers around it.

And then to big expensive weekends at Road America...  So that's eight events.

Chance in cutting the sheduled races?  No.  That's a done and contracted deal.  For next year a changes?  Probably not unless something really changes...

Great Lakes has fewer races, but I've got to go to all of the Blackhawks...  my school, location...
Super Dave

Eric Kelcher

Mid west
April 5-6 Blackhawk Farms *
April 25-27 Road America**@
May 10-11 Blackhawk Farms
May 23-25 Mid-America Motorplex* May 31-June 1 Blackhawk Farms
June 14-15 Gateway Intl Raceway
July 4-6 Mid-America Motorplex**@
July 19-20 Blackhawk Farms
August 8-10 Road America*
August 23-24 Blackhawk Farms
September 6-7 Blackhawk Farms
September 27-28 Gingerman Raceway
13 races

April 5-6 Blackhawk Farms*
April 25-27 Road America**@
May 17-18 Gingerman Raceway"
May 31-June 1 Blackhawk Farms
June 14-15 Gateway Intl Raceway
July 4-6 Mid-America Motorplex**@
August 8-10 Road America*
August 23-24 Blackhawk Farms
Sept.13-14 Gateway Int'l Raceway**
Sept.27-28 Gingerman Raceway
10 races

Great Plains
April 5-6 Blackhawk Farms*
April 25-27 Road America**@
May 17-18 Gingerman Raceway"
May 24-26 Mid-America Motorplex**@
June 14-15 Gateway Intl Raceway
July 4-6 Mid-America Motorplex**@
August 16-17 Barber Motorsports**
Sept.13-14 Gateway Int'l Raceway**
October 4-5 Gateway Intl Raceway*
9 races
October 4-5 Gateway Intl Raceway
Eric Kelcher
ASRA/CCS Director of Competition


Another spin on this is I'm racing CCS this year beacuse it has so many events.  With so many events I feel like I can miss 1 or 2, maybe 3 & still have a chance.  With only 8 offered, if you miss 2 you can probably forget winning anything.

I'm banking on the fact that most people in the MA will, like me, miss a few events.

We'll see.



Any comment on Great Plains going to Gingerman, when there is a BHF the weekend before that would be several hours shorter for anyone who actually lived in the GP area?  

Not complaining, just asking since this is a repeated comment I've heard from others also.
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That being said, CCS will need to adjust the schedule to cut down on travel for a region.  In the MA we go to Roebling twice but skip CMP which is a closer track.  You past the exit for CMP on the way to GA.   ??? I know this came from rider feedback, but I have a feeling it was a small group.  I know I didn't even get the letter to vote.
I understand wanting to put Barber on since it's the 1st year & supposed to be unbelieveable, but that should be adjusted going forward.

Should be a interesting year to say the least.

Super Dave

Thanks, Eric...

On the CCS mailer, they had RA and MAM listed twice...
Super Dave