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Satellite Dish for your RV or Toy Hauler, who has one?

Started by NightHeat, December 13, 2006, 09:02:38 AM

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Hoping someone here who has an RV or Toy Hauler with a satellite dish hook up might share some opinions on which dish mount I should go with.

Should I go with the one that mounts to a tripod or the crank up kind that mounts on top of your RV or Toy Hauler.

Hopefully someone has used both types and can share their opinion on which one they like the best.
Thanks guys


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My only experience is chasing guys down the paddock road while screaming "STOP!  YOUR DISH IS STILL UP!"
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 :lmao: Thats funny, I can so see that happening.  Just hope i'm not the  :jerkoff: doing that.


depends on how much money you've got...

an extra dish, receiver & tripod will cost you ~$100.  If you HAVE the extra receiver and dish, and all you need is the tripod, they're like $20.

Anything roof mounted will be substantially more, for really little more convenience.  Whether ground or crank up, you're still going to have an alignment process.  You can get the automated stuff, or the dome, but then you're into the $4-$5k range...
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Yeah those 5k systems are the bomb.  But for that price they will continue to be a part of my imagination.  I was leaning towards the crank up kind but wondering if i would do just as good with the tripod method.  I figure the crank up would be the best route since i would have to put the tripod on top of the trailer to get a signal due to someone else's trailer blocking the signal.  :kicknuts:


you'd be surprised.  most of the time you don't need to get it on top of the trailer.  I know Deni DeBuhr has used the tripod for years without any problem...
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[X] Get banned from Wera forum
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get one that sets on the ground. for real; my kids will be at most of the races this year and they will have a ball running over and knocking it out of alignment then standing back to watch you curse and move it around for five minutes just so they can do it again.
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Seems like Tommy Mason is just clamping one on the back of the truck. 
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My present r/v has the auto-locate dome type. Works when you are stopped and can be upgraded to watch-while-you drive for $$$$. Sure is nice when its raining or late at night.
Previous rigs I used a dish mounted to a 1ftx2ft piece of plywood and 3 C-clamps that I would clamp the dish to the roof ladder or roof railing on the r/v. Just used a satelite locate compass and tuned it in. Had it down to 15 minutes.
Great starter rig for the $$.
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