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What's the most appealing website for you?

Started by Jeff, December 11, 2006, 09:33:32 AM

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What website do you like best?  The most visually appealing, or easiest to navigate, etc. 

Don't really care why, but what is your favorite... 

PLEASE, if the website is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, tag as NSFW...
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No flash!

Clean and professional, much like  :biggrin:

Seriously, though, good nav buttons that are clearly defined. Not too many drop down menus. Concise text. A logical progression of material. Easy to use shopping cart, and a lack of active-x or java aplets. Mind you, I have reasonably fast broadband both at home and the shop. 
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I don't mind flash as long as its done right. I kind of enjoy being able to interact with the site. ( is a cool example.

As far as a retail website: I like sites that have an easy shopping cart, easily modified and that will give you updated shipping costs. Alot of sites leave you in on the dark on that.

Sites that aren't user friendly (ie: are too much of a hassle... Sites that are incomplete with images and information of their product are also frustrating.

My 2 cents.


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Today this one became my favorite.  I don't know why...
Maybe it's the parts.  Maybe the party hat.  Maybe the red spike heels.  Maybe the thigh highs with green stripes.  Maybe the soft bend of the hips.  Maybe the banana like thing she's holding in her hand.  I can't remember anything else about the site right now...  :ahhh:
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I'm a big fan of

It's not safe for work but it passes the time!
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