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GP shifting on a 02 R1 how

Started by Godzuki, December 10, 2006, 11:17:45 AM

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its been awhile since ive been in racing, and ive found myself looking at a R1 for some track day/ back road riding, but i like the GP shift pattern over the standard. as i looked at the 02 R1 i may be possibly getting, i noticed the shifting linkage and how it isnt going to be just flip the arm on the shift shaft and head on out, like on my last racer the F2/3 or on my long time gsxr 1100.

now i know some how some where somebody must make something to convert it to GP shifting. so what im wondering is who makes them where can i get them and how much are they.

thanks for any info on this. :cheers:

ex gllra racer
looking to race again
still on the street and in the dirt

K3 Chris Onwiler


I'm picturing you typing this question as the Woodcraft banner ad flashes away vainly at the top of your screen.... ::)  :lmao:

Bottom of the page, for $42.99, and a CCS forum sponsor to boot!
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why yes yes i was typing it as the banner. i thought about checking places like that but i figured ehh ill just ask it because i know somebody knows just what im looking for and where to find it.

thanks for the link.

ex gllra racer
looking to race again
still on the street and in the dirt


No need to buy anything for the 02 R1 to convert to GP shift... atleast not a kit.... U were right.  Rotate the lever over and flip the arm....  However it will rub the frame a bit (the rod that is)  I shimmed my rearset out about 2mms to make sure it barely misses the frame.  Bought 2 new bolts for the rear set mount to the frame 5mm longer then stock.....   Works great.  Total cost about $2.29 and about 20 mins fo work....