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SPRINT steering damper sale!!!!

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SPRINT steering damper sale!!!!
« on: November 28, 2006, 08:10:40 am »

Dear members
   we are offering the renowned Sprint steering damper kits with the following prices

Standard Pro race damperkits with 7 colour options selling at 380 USD shipped worldwide

Click HERE for ordering

- Precision engineered billet aluminium CNC-machined installation kit
- Anodised no-maintenance finish - no laborious polishing required!
- Multi-position, low-friction, rebuildable Sprint race-spec. damper unit
- Active rising-rate operation with dynamic expansion compensation
- Damper available in seven colours to coordinate with your bike
- Extremely simple to install and use
- Easily adjustable whilst riding
- The neatest and lightest complete installation for your bike by far!


The NEW Sprint SXC steering damper kit with black/silver finish selling at 420 USD shipped worldwide.

Click HERE for ordering

- All components anodised
- CNC machined billet aluminium
- Extremely simple to install and use
- Easily adjustable whilst riding
- Full technical support available

Sprint Expansion Control
Sprint SXC Dampers are fitted with a unique expansion device which ensures mechanical pressure is applied to the damper during all working and temperature conditions. Also unique to this damper is a visual pressure gauge which shows internal pressure, and when the damper needs servicing.

Fitting Kits
Each SXC Sprint 916-Style Damper Kit has been thoroughly researched and stylishly designed to integrate with your bike, enhancing stability without the need to drill holes in your bike. All SXC Fitting Kits are individually CNC machine etched with the relevant model logos.

Sprint Clamping System
All SXC Damper Kits use this system to locate the damper to the kit. This ensures each kit and damper fit each model precisely, maintaining all clearances. The SXC saddle, also ensures no distortion to the main damper tube, ensuring smooth operation.

Fitting kits

Precision CNC machined from aircraft specification alloy
Model logos are machined into the brackets
Mounting position allows the damper to be easily adjusted on the move if required
Anodised clear/black finish to prevent corrosion
Supplied with stainless steel bolts and fasteners

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