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Pit Bike Suggestions

Started by grich575, November 20, 2006, 10:35:44 PM

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Looking to buy a new pit bike and want some input. I have found many different 110 & 125cc pit bikes that all resemble each other. I ran across this 150cc as well:

Anyone have any suggestions. I like the idea of 12" rear and 14" front tires but other than that I really only want a bike that will hold up to some bordom abuse. Our local bike shop sells the Xtreme brand or name and they look pretty good but are $2100. Will one of these cookie cutter off brands hold up or do you get what you pay for with these? Thanks
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I purchased a Honda Elite 80, 4 stroke, street legal, can carry passenger. Has room for toolbox, can pull pit cart, and is economical to run. Worked all season for us (Jamesgang Racing #70)
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more and more tracks are requiring pit vehicles be street legal (and possibly licensed)... something to consider.



Scooters are the best because you can carry a passenger, you don't have to shift them, and you can put a wheel in front of you to run to the tire guy.. 
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I have a ratty little Yamaha Razz 50.  It's a piece of shit, but I'm in it for less than $400, including license plate and title transfer.  I have a spare Razz that I pulled out of a dumpster, and it runs too, but with no title I just keep it for parts.  On the plus side, I don't care if it gets knocked over!
For sure you want to get something street legal, and get a plate for it.  In the not-to-distant future, off-road pit vehicles will be banned entirely.  Already you can't leave the fenced-in pit area at Mid Ohio on one, ( I had my Razz impounded there this summer for no licence plate) and Blackhawk will make you buy a sticker if your machine is not street-legal and plated.  Other tracks will surely follow with similar rules.
Too many people have caused damage and injury on their pit bikes, so  the tracks (and their insurance companies) are just about out of toleration.  You wouldn't want to buy something now, then not be able to use it later.
A Zuma or that Suzuki GSXR scooter would be ideal if you're willing to spend the money.
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But then there's Daytona, no licensed pit vehicles, I saw numerous guys turned away at the pit gate due to having a license plate on their pit vehicle. I think the way to get around it is to have the plate quickly removable for when your in the infield/pits at Daytona, then put it back on to leave the property. Also, bicycles are a big NO-NO at Daytona as well!

I've been tossing around what to get for a pit vehicle as well, Damn BS insurance companies will have everyone in padded rooms soon enough to keep us all from possibly living life and having any fun at all! :finger:
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Daytona's pit bike policy is messed up.  We didn't even have to take the plates off, just put duc tape over it and wrote #410 with a magic marker..  :wtf:
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QuoteI've been tossing around what to get for a pit vehicle as well, Damn BS insurance companies will have everyone in padded rooms soon enough to keep us all from possibly living life and having any fun at all! finger

Don't we all love trial lawyers, insurance companies, and lawsuit happy folks?  It's all in the name of "safety"  :spank:


At the last BHF, my pit vehicle was a 1500 Silverado.