Great Find: Suspensions Vid...(I know, I know, Im new)

Started by 06750gixxer, November 12, 2006, 04:03:24 AM

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Dave Moss does 3 sessions on Motorcycle Suspension Set-ups and how Tires and suspensions coincide. I found it pretty handy, didn't know if it was old news figured i'd post about it though.

Oh here's the site: :thumb:

Oh and went the flash site comes up, click on the tool box on the left.

Start with the first video and go to 3, makes a hell of a lot more sence to watch them in me...Don't ask... ::)

Happy watching...

Post up here if it was useful at all to.


 :thumb:Great Stuff, found it very helpful and enjoyable A++++ :pop:


Killer video. Very informative without being overly technical so we lightweights can understand it. I learned a lot. Gotta watch it again.....

:thumb: :thumb: :cheers: