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SAMCO Slilicone coolant hose kits with lifetime Guarantee

Started by Vancosport, November 10, 2006, 01:59:26 AM

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Dear members
   We are proud to provide the Samco silicone coolant hose kits for motorcycles. Each kit has been specially designed and made to fit Each bike model specifically. these babies are Guaranteed for life. it's a must for anyone who know the dangers of coolant system failures.
The Samco Sport hose kits are designed to replace original equipment in a wide range of motorcycles both in motorsport and fast road use. Superb integrity and superior performance reduces the risk of component failure and enables higher temperatures and pressures to be maintained with complete confidence.

With superlative quality proven on race and rally circuits worldwide, Samco Sport silicone hoses are the first choice of engineers demanding total reliability under competition and fast road conditions.Please note that we are constantly updating the kit models, so if you don't see your bike listed, just post in this thread and we will try our best to help you out.

Click HERE to order your kit today

Click HERE to order your kit today