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Leo Vince Group buy and prize giveaway!!!!

Started by LMsports, October 20, 2006, 02:30:58 PM

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Hey everyone knows that Leo Vince makes some of the best exhaust on the market and they pay contingency too. To give something back to one of our favorite sponsors I'm offering this group buy on brand new Leo Vince exhaust. CCS racers everywhere ran this brand on his bike this year with great success as did Larry Pegram and Ryan Elleby on their AMA bikes. This is your best opportunity to get this high quality Italian made exhaust for your ride. Pricing varies by model but you won't find a cheaper price on Leo Vince than by calling us directly. We will also be stocking replacement parts trackside for the 2007 season.

To place an order or to inquire about a model of exhaust etc, please call our toll free number at 1-800-894-7190.

This price applies to the first 20 orders only. Once 20 orders are complete I will close the opportunity. Don't wait!

Each order will also receive a free Lithium Motorsports T-Shirt and be entered in drawings for a free set of racing boots, racing gloves, Tire warmers, and a Rear Stand.

So not only will you get one of the best exhausts available for your bike, but with each purchase you get a t-shirt and a one in five chance to win one of the above prizes.
Rob Oliva
Lithium Motorsports, Inc.
Suspension Solutions