MS-100 Quick Shifter, the most advanced ever. JUST $375

Started by APKdevelopments, October 20, 2006, 11:17:29 AM

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We are a manufacturer of shift systems and have just introduced our latest product, the MS-100 Quick Shifter. It is the most advanced quick shifter developed, which automatically adapts for changes in riding style and conditions, to provide the optimum shift on the street or race track. Smooth shifts through the entire rpm range. No kill time to adjust, or minimum rpm setpoints!

This system is of the highest quality. The linear sensor comes from the Formula 1 world, where it is typically used to measure shock travel. This is a real linear sensor, not a switch that looks like one. Solder splices come with the kit, for an aviation grade splice, not the cheap clamp on splices. Due to bikes being designed more and more compact ('06 R-6 for example), the same has been done with the ECU. Below is a picture of it.

As an introductory offer, we are taking $90 OFF the MS-100 Universal Kit, which retails for $465. This kit is then available for JUST $375! The discount is applied during checkout.

To act on this offer, visit

Thank you,
Alex Kalempa
APK Developments


Interesting product Alex.

Can you elaborate on a couple things please?

1.  how this taps in?  Is it in the coil wires or fuel, or either?  I ask because the honda specifically has 8 injectors which have proved problematic for some quickshifters which cut fuel flow.

2.  What do you mean 'automatically adapts for changes in riding/style/conditions'?

3.  what are the min/max kill durations?  I understand it is auto, but what are they?  If there is no max, it can cause problems on simple malfunction.

4.  Do you offer a pressure sensor or only the linear sensors?


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Hello Jeff,

Thank you for the response.

The MS-100 can be wired to interrupt the ignition or fuel. There is a ECU specific for ignition or fuel, this can be chosen through the custom kit buildup option in our online store. I wish to test the MS-100 on such a Honda, but so far the only Honda that has one of our systems, has it interfaced with the ignition. I don't see a problem with interfacing it with the primary injectors, but this has to be seen.

Yes, the kill is literally set automatically for each shift. There is only a default kill which exists if you bump the shift lever, and don't complete the shift.

There is only a linear sensor, this is because it is constantly monitoring the shift lever position for the start and end points to a shift. These points are programmed into the ECU through a simple push button procedure that takes no more than a minute. This button is shown in the photo with the stamp next to the ECU. The other bump is a LED that indicated what position is being programmed.

Alex Kalempa
APK Developments