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Racer Program

Started by GAMEDIC, January 22, 2003, 11:24:34 PM

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Racer Program
Ok just for the ones who do not know we have started a racer program just go to the web page and click on the link so i do not have to type it here but for the ones of you that are already on know who you are  you will be getting your stickers with your order to run this year and i did a pretty good job i think in making one up that looks good but is simple and does not take up alot of space here is a pic of it on my bike just so you know it is about 6" long and a little over 2" high ..just thought i would let you all know...Thanks and thank you everyone who has already got stuff from me..every bit helps...


Nate R

No fax access  :(

Can i just scan the license instead of faxing it and e-mail it to you?
Nate Reik
MotoSliders, LLC
Missing my SV :-(


Yes...that will work..also e-mail me your address i need to send you our packet with a form and stickers..