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Race order in the MW??

Started by JBraun, October 05, 2006, 09:43:47 AM

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How about flipping the amateur and expert middleweight races next year so the experts who run middleweight/unlimited and middleweight/heavyweight don't have to run back to back.

1. Middleweight SuperBike (Am)
2. Middleweight SuperBike (Ex)
3. Unlimited SuperBike (Ex & Am)

3. Unlimited SuperBike (Ex & Am)
4. Lightweight GP (Ex &Am)
5. Heavyweight SuperBike (Ex & Am)
6. 125 GP / Ultra Light SuperBike (Ex &Am)
7. SuperTwins (Ex &Am)
8. $1,000 Speedscreen Unlimited GP (Am)
9. $1,000 Speedscreen Unlimited GP (Ex)
10. Lightweight SuperBike (Ex & Am)
11. Middleweight SuperSport (Am)
12. Middleweight SuperSport (Ex)
13. Heavyweight SuperSport (Ex & Am)

14. Lightweight SuperSport (Ex & Am)
15. Unlimited SuperSport (Ex & Am)
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Because regardless of what you flop, with the classes that exist today, SOMEBODY will still have a potential for back-to-back and will complain about it... 

I'm not opposed to schedule changes, I've just been around long enough to understand that regardless of what gets moved, somebody will still be unhappy with it.
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I realize that, but if they switch it so the amateurs have the back to backs, they will only have to deal with it for a season or two.
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