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Lookin 4 : Pat,Drew,or Steve

Started by L8Brakr155, January 20, 2003, 12:54:36 PM

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Yo !!!!!!!

Pat....Drew....Steve where ya'll at???                      get at me will ya !!

 Point Blank Racing guys this means you !!!  ;D


Yo Brother Ken,

What's up bud? I'm not sure if Patrick and/or Drewpy frequent this board, so you'll have to settle for me. (BIG thanks go to Stu-man for bringing your post to the attention of the Point Blank Racing fellas)

I see your already sport'in the "EX" on your signature line. Congrats! Pat, Drew and I, are going from yellow to white as well. All we ask is you wave as you pass us  :D


thats gr8!
like there was any doubt!!!

well charles and i formed a team of sorts...2ex and 3am

we are calling it team arageddon (racing until the end)

we came up w/paint scheme and stuff crew shirts and the like....
but still ridin the ole workhorses
oh well its all in fun !!!!

c-ya @ the races !!!!

if ya hear from pat of drew tell we're all lookin forward to racin w/ point blank nxt year

take it easy



That is great news on your guys forming a team. More the merrier!

I had already spoken with Patrick to let him know you guys had a posse out fur us. All three of us have been speaking regularly to work out some sponsorship issues, in fact we talked today.

Is Team Armageddon planning on making is debut at Daytona? Patrick and I will be doing Team Hammer practice on Wednesday if you guys are interested. Let me know and I can fill you in on our plans/schedule, etc. We typically do breakfast every morning.

Also, feel free to email me if think it to be more efficient.

Look forward to hearing from you!