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How would one go about removing this?

Started by r1owner, September 07, 2006, 11:53:58 PM

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I'm beginning to wonder if frame sliders are worth it.  Seems the two times I've crashed, it has been a big PITA to get them off...

How would you suggest getting this one off the bike without damaging the threads in the head?


Take the nut off the back side and pull that fucker out!? If there is no nut then use an allen head wrench and take it out slowly, or try to straiten it first. Its already junk,  just try not to break it off! Only the outside end is bent,  Im sure the threads will be ok. If not, re tap it when you get it out and use a bigger bolt!

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Yeah, there's no nut there.  The bolt is threaded into the Yamaha cylinder head.

Should come out no problem.  As loc_dogg said, do it slowly with an allen.  To reuse the aluminum slider holder, you might end up cutting the bolt once you get it out so you can use a new bolt.
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Woofentino Pugrossi

Also I would recommend NOT using aluminum sliders. It should come out fine and none of the threads should be damaged.
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Super Dave

I agree with that too...

I think Eric Wood told me some more reasons why they are bad for race bikes also, but I can't remember.
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Its because they catch, instead of sliding. That causes the bike to spin, and maybe tumble!


Well, these HAD delrin sliders on the ends of them.  The are removed in this pic...


Solid metal sliders transfer much more force into the bikes frame upon impact than something that has some give to it like some type of plastic or nylon.
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Quote from: loc_dogg on September 08, 2006, 09:13:39 PM
Its because they catch, instead of sliding. That causes the bike to spin, and maybe tumble!

More to it...because before sliders, bikes still did that.  Read Mike's response.
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I relize that Im just not long winded! LOL  :thumb:

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Yes, I just cranked on it and turned it out.  Didn't like doing it, but...