New Round added to ASRA schedule: VIR North Course

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Juse want to make sure....

Started by letsrace, January 16, 2003, 02:00:37 PM

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Someone has sent the current schedule to these guys right?  I mean I wouldn't want them to miss any races or anything just because they didn't have the updated schedule!   ;D


There is an updated schedule ???  ;D


c' you guys need anything more than my smiling face in my leathers, flirting with y'all at the race track?   ::)  okay, so maybe you do.  ;)  so who is gonna spring to bring these hotties to the races?  nice one jack!
rhiannon :-*


I would suggest taking up a collection, but if everyone is as broke as I am then that won't get us very far!  


Those ladies are beautiful, but what I want to know is:

1.  Do they know the difference between a channel lock, needle nose and a safety wire pliers?

2.  Would they be willing to haul a set of rims and tires over to the tire guys to get a set of rains on?

3.  If it is raining, will they show more consideration for the person on the bike, or will their hair come first?

4.  Do they know the difference between a four, twin, two stroke and a single?

Unfortunately I don't have the beauty, but I have all of the above.   ;D

Dawn   :)
Paul and Dawn Buxton


now i had to check (curiousity overrules)...there was a recruitment area i just had to peek at. according to the 'umbrella girls handbook' (yes they have a handbook), these girls have to research the events they are attending, to 'speak intelligently and confidently on the subject'. and...there is even a chapter on 'checking your appearance' - can't do it in public. an umbrella girl can't talk about her personal life, argue with other umbrella girls, or date anyone involved with the client.  this is some serious stuff here.  these girls are here to help the client and do just about anything they tell her to do (like carry tires?).  this sounds to good to be true, i wonder how much these hotties are getting paid.  obviously dawn is getting paid enough to do all this, for i know she is the best candidate for this job and i didn't see her on the website.  i wish i had money, then i could have my own 'umbrella dude'. ;D
rhiannon :-*

K3 Chris Onwiler

Dawn, your post reminds me of the classic tee shirt about how many blondes does it take to change a spark plug.  My favorite was "As many as I can fit in my box van."
On a related subject, I work with this crazy-hot 18 year old.  The other day she sighs, looks earnestly up at me through her big doe eyes, and says, "K3, I'm so broke!  I wish I had my own oil mine!"  Ah, youth.  That's the class of 2003, and the future of America.  Still, I could spend hours just watching her breathe...
The frame was snapped, the #3 rod was dangling from a hole in the cases, and what was left had been consumed by fire.  I said, "Hey, we've got all night!"


Quotec' you guys need anything more than my smiling face in my leathers, flirting with y'all at the race track?   ::)  okay, so maybe you do.  ;)  

D@mned right!we do... Come out with an umbrella and ice water this year  :o
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What an interesting topic, as a matter of fact, I happen to be an umbrella girl with UmbrellaGirlsUSA, and looking good is less than 1/2 of the qualifications needed.   I am not on the website yet, but I will up as soon as this weekend.  Having knowledge about the sport, the client, the riders, the bikes, and the industry are mandatory.  My boyfriend is also a racer and I am part of his team's pit crew, when I am not umbrelling, (or rather, I umbrella when I am not busy pitting  ;)?!)

There is not much that I don't have to do, and know how to do, I don't race though, someday, maybe.  I think that Dawn and Rhinnon and all the women racers are awesome, I hope to learn all that I can from them!

I genuinely love motorsports, all aspects of it, regardless of the job that I am doing, or just being a spectator.  

Being an umbrella girl may seem silly, but believe it or not it is hard work, we are not there JUST to smile and bat our eyes.  We work our butts off!  


QuoteWe work our butts off!  

Please post photos of the above referenced butts.




Since you are from the BA and your BF races, would the two of you be interested in sharing some of the travel expenses to the Phx and vegas races this year. Please forward my email to your BF if he is interested. Thx.


QuotePlease post photos of the above referenced butts.


How does this work for you, scroll down to the bottom of the page!