Thunderbike Rules

Started by grasshopper, August 14, 2006, 04:49:15 PM

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What does this mean?

Does this mean Flat Slides are Legal on a First Gen SV?

Does this mean Flat Slides are NOT legal on a second Gen SV?

In the thunderbike rules 6.5.2

F. Original type of induction system must be retained. If a machine originally was sold with fuel injection, then it must remain fuel injected. If the machine originally came with carburetors, then it must use carburetors, however they need not be the original type or size.


It means that you can run carbs or injection of any size as long as that type of induction system is what the motorcycle was originally equiped with.  So you can run flat slides on a 99-02 SV.  You can not run flat slides on a 03 or newer SV.

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Thanks Guy. I'm looking foward to chasing you this year. Probably Autobahn and then Wegman weekend for sure.