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ABCs' Moto GP coverage

Started by Cornerman, July 31, 2006, 06:50:35 PM

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      Did anyone watch the ABC telecast of the MOTO GP :pop:. After watching the same old drival from Speed I decided to watch ABCs' try at this. I have to say they did a real good job. They actually showed more than the lead bike during the race. And didn't talk about the same person as Speed usually does w/ the AMA :blahblah:. I thought they should have gave more beginning air time to the American racers.I hope they cover more including AMA or even our ASRA someday. It gets the sport out there to more than just the usual Speed channel crowd.


Yea wow i saw laguna on this am when i was stuck with a limited channel package for a few hours-mo people overall watch abc channel here-thats good-hope abc gets excited enough to sho mo-John in NJ :thumb:


I didn't think abc or any american tv station had control over the coverage because it is all controlled by Dorna. The people who own the rights to moto gp. I thought everyone (all over the world) had the same race coverage. just different interviews post race.


Hope Dorna is fishing for places to show motogp,and i hope many tuned in-maybe we should all keep our tvs on when abc shows the best stuff on earth-sort of takin the bait for our future-viewing needs :boink:-John in NJ           :ass: :spank: TO NASCRAP :ass: