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'04 CBR1000RR gearing recommendations

Started by RocketJockey, July 25, 2006, 08:28:01 AM

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Would anyone running CCS midwest region tracks (Gateway, Blackhawk, Gingerman, etc) on a CBR1000RR be willing to share gearing recommendations with me? As my '05 CBR600RR deal fell through  :wah: I'm forced to pick up a different race bike.

I'm hoping to close the deal on an '04 CBR1000RR this week and would like to have it at Gingerman for a race or two this coming weekend.

Any input would be most appreciated! Thanx!


Burt Munro

You might want to check with Rob at Lithium Motorsports.....  he races a CBR1000RR.

He's won a couple of races this year.....  but I think that was MAM when the other guy in his race crashed!  :ass:
Founding member of the 10,000+ smite club.  Ask me how you can join!


Thanx! that is the second nomination for Rob at Lithium. I'll give him a shout.
Thanx again!