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Tech Issues!

Started by RC423, July 13, 2006, 11:54:10 AM

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I'm just going to throw this out there and see who bites but I'm fed up with one specific issue at tech.

Last time I was at Roebling I get up to tech thinking it will be a breeze as always....

..."You can't have those clips on your drain plug and oil filler cap" - now, normally I wouldn't have a problem with rules but I read my f'ing rule book and I've used these clips for 2 years without any problems:

5.2.13 All oil, fuel, and coolant carrying hoses or lines must be secured at all connecting
points by clips, clamps, safety wire, or other approved means.

Seriously, give me a break.  If you want to change it so we have to safety wire these things, change the rule book.  It's a real pain in the ass to have to do things last minute right before practice bc the rulebook was never updated.

I'm done ranting
aka Ross aka "Pete"

Super Dave

If that's your only rant...that's good.

I think the "other approved means" allows tech to have discretion.  And they may exersize that as they see fit based on bikes coming in and out through various regions.

Personally, I wouldn't use a clip on the drain. 
Super Dave


Quote from: Super Dave on July 13, 2006, 12:59:28 PM
If that's your only rant...that's good.

I think the "other approved means" allows tech to have discretion.  And they may exersize that as they see fit based on bikes coming in and out through various regions.

Personally, I wouldn't use a clip on the drain. 

They are the looped clips that are almost impossible to get off not just normal c-clips - but thats not the point. 
When the issue was raised the tech individual told me that they were "instructed" not to pass bikes with it was obviously planned.  Again, I have no problem using normal safety wire on these...just update the rule book, or at least make an announcement in advance.  Does that seem out of line?

...this is by no means my only rant....just the current one....and I rarely bitch
aka Ross aka "Pete"

Super Dave

Well, it sucks for you.  It's not a really big deal, is it? 

Announcements are hard.  So, I don't think there was an announcement.

Feel free to rant.   :biggrin:
Super Dave


More explicit rules and consistency among the techs would be nice.
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Yeah like when I go to tech on Friday afternoon all I have to bring is my helmet but come Saturday morning I have to bring the whole kitn kaboodle. How abuot some consitency with tech?


From all the tech issues I've read on this site, it sounds like there is some unorganization or double standards issues. I would be upset also. Just my 2 cents.



the tech guys in the MW for the last few years haven't let us put the safety clips through the drain bolts but haven't said anything about the filler caps and any of the non-required safety wired parts (brake caliprs, rear master mount bolts, etc.) I think if you try a different guy next time they will let you right through. CCS is inconsistant in all things and if they choose they will insist that is a new un-published rule.


Keep in mind tech peeps are just that - people.  They're all oging to see different things as being most important based on their own experiences.

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I think some of you are misunderstanding my initial intent with this post - I'm not bitching about the techs themselves...I know they are just doing their jobs and they have to deal with a bunch of point was - in both instances I have seen this happen, to myself and a teammate, it was because someone "informed" the techs to not allow certain items to pass.  Therefore it pisses me off because someone from CCS/ASRA basically changed the rules at the drop of a hat on a given race weekend without letting anyone know and/or updating any rules/regs.  I hope this clears up my point.  Thanks
aka Ross aka "Pete"

Burt Munro

OK, I'm going to try to keep this from being a "rant".   Let's just call this is an "enlightenment session"!

Background: (only pointing this out so that I might have some credibility!)

I have worked Tech for CCS/Formula USA/ASRA since 2002.

I currently work Tech/Grid for all Midwest events and am the Starter for the Great Plains region. 

The last two years I have worked at least 14 race weekends and this year will work 15.

I have never worked Tech for CCS in any region other than the MW or GP.

That being said, let me try to address your concerns...........

1.  Points of emphasis for the Tech inspection may be different from race to race due to specific incidents that cause alerts to certain safety issues.  I don't know that this was the situation for your Tech inspectors, but this has happened in the past.  Was there a situation where a clip on a drain plug failed?  Possibly, I havn't heard of one, but that could be why the change in making sure they were not allowing it.

2.  The section of the rulebook you quoted applies to coolant, fuel and oil LINES and HOSES not filler caps, drain plugs and oil filters.  The section you should refer to is:

5.2.16  All engine, transmission, and final drive unit drain plugs and filler caps must be visibly safety wired. Oil filter bolts must be secured with safety wire and spin-on oil filters must be secured with a metal clamp and safety wire or other acceptable means.

No where in the above section does the word "clips" appear.

3.  I have never met any Tech officials from another region other that at Formula USA and ASRA events.  This point is made only so that you know the challenges we face in applying the rule uniformly from region to region.  Are there going to be some differences between regions?  Quite possibly, we all all work from the same rule book but the experiences of one Tech crew vs. another may create different areas of focus on the bikes.

4. Is there favoritism shown toward certain riders?  I will admit that on some items
(leathers, boots, gloves) if it is a rider that I have gotten to know over the years I will give them a pass. 

If it is a rider I have known for a while and he went down badly at the last weekend?  No, I want to make sure his gear is still good. 

Do they get a pass on their helmet?  Never. 

Do they get a pass on the same bike inspection that everyone else gets? Never, as much as I may respect their mechanical ability and attention to detail, slipups can and have happened.

If you are a new racer that I haven't gotten to know and trust, be prepared to bring all your gear.  If you are a racer that you and I know each other on a first name basis and your bike doesn't look clean and well prepared or your gear obviously shows signs of age and/or wear and tear or is second hand, you'll be bringing it to Tech every weekend.

There are riders who it's fun to work with and I enjoy joking with them when they come thru Tech.  Do they get a pass? NO.

There are also riders who come thru Tech and it's a constant battle to get them to understand why we have a Tech inspection.  We are not there to make extra work for you.  Whenever we have an incident on the track where some item on a bike has failed and should/could  have been caught in Tech, the Tech inspectors are the first ones who want to know what happened and did we miss something.  Not to save our asses, but could we have done a better job that would have prevented the incident.

Easily, 90% of the riders coming thru Tech know the routine and are in and out without delay.  With the rest it seems to be a constant education process.  Some because they are new and I try to take the time to explain what we do and why we do it.  Others, let's just say they make the job interesting!

Sorry that I couldn't come up with the Cliff Notes for this class :biggrin:

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